Friday, October 09, 2009

Bagan Pinang N31 : No instruction = nothing happen? Pleaaseee....

He said he never instructed UMNO youth to take agressive action against PAS youth.

  1. Deputy UMNO President, Muhyiddein Yassin makes an interesting comment. He said he never instructed UMNO youth to take agressive action against PAS youth. In the report picked up by Malaysiakini, Muhyiddein said :-

    • he never instructed UMNO youth to take agressive action against AS youth;
    • he said that the allegation is just PAS psychological warfare in Bagan Pinang by-election;
    • he said it is head of PAS youth who called for jihad (holy war) in Bagan Pinang;

  2. Muhyiddein's statement is true to a point. It is half-truth statement which is the norm of politicians. Why?

    • So far, nobody is saying that Muhyiddein issue the instruction. So, why is he so defensive? A blogger, camped in Bagan Pinang wrote that they intercepted a message calling for registered Pekida members in Peninsular Malaysia to mass in Bagan Pinang;
    • A blogger, Perisik Rakyat, posted few photos of PAS youth members injured by UMNO youth. You can see the pictures there and judge yourself (Being a basically non-violent guy, the pictures are not posted here);
    • The police commented that no police report was lodged on the incident and so they could not investigate. I am sure the injured person seek treatment in a government hospital and thus the policeman on duty there should have proceeded to record the report;
    • Muhyiddein also failed to explain to the reporters the the full scope of the word jihad. Must Jihad be equated to holy war equated to violence? Isn't Jihad (holy war) also covers the inner war (in our own self) between good deeds and evil sins?
    • Now, do Muhyiddein really feels that he UMNO youth listen to him and him alone? Must all activities reported to him? I am sure the UMNO youth and Putra UMNO as well as Putri UMNO and women wings have their own agenda and their own programme. That said, Muhyiddein is "guilty" of acting "naive"?
    • UMNO youth is under KJ and Negeri Sembilan is KJ's territory. KJ has better control of UMNO youth than Muhyiddein. In short, please stop hoodwinking the people.
Now that Nik Aziz in in town, the election fever is getting up another notch...Is BN ready to lose Bagan Pinang now?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


ahoo said...

This buy-election is just an indicator of the support or loss support for umno. Beside those postal votes, we will be able to see for once how is the performance of one of umno's stronghold. PAS is fighting all and sundry other than umno in this buy-election. Thus, the only way forward is to take over the nation with changes to all critical govt posts that are headed by partisan civil servants. Until then,.... we will not progress beyond our shore due to political manipulation by those in power.

nightcaller said...


I don't mind if both parties want to go for poster wars. But for UMNO to snoop to such level of "sweetening" the army is unacceptable.

Bagan Pinang needs to rise to occassion. Reject UMNO, reject BN ....

sunwayopal said...

We shall see. D-Day is in 2 days time.

If we can win the popular vote minus the postal votes, I would take that as a significant win already.

After the elections, concentrate on this FACT and continue with our stand that the postal vote process is MORE crooked than even our Juduciary.

Bent Judges and Bent EC as well. What else is new!!!


nightcaller said...


D-day starts early. Heard that supporters from both sides are streaming into Bagan Pinang...

Also heard that PR is doing quite well in postal votes...

looes74 said...

Don't get disappointed over the mainstream media news. Not all is at lost at the moment. It's a gritting teeth moment. Nobody really knows that the Allies made it through the Axis barricade during the D-Day. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going