Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Coming soon : Halloween thriller in Perak...(again)

Trick or treat - I won't know. Come 28th October, who will sit on the speaker's chair? Will the 2 assembly seating held at the same venue, at the same time? If not, who will declare open the state assembly and whose assembly will the Sultan attend?

  1. When things look calm, get ready for another roller coaster ride in Perak. Yes, both BN and PR decided to rumble again this coming 28th October 2009.
  2. BN's Ganesan issued the notices yesterday with PR's Sivakumar issued his today. The only difference on the notice is that Ganesan issued the notice to all 59 elected reps whilst Sivakumar issued the notice to only 49 reps. The reason? Pakatan's-controlled Rights and Priviledges committee suspended 10 BN state reps early this year.
  3. This time around, the seating will be about budget tabling and any disruption will cause a financial paralysis of the state's administration. That's how important this seating is...
  4. Before we go further, let's backtracked a few days and pored through the court sitting of Osman Jailu and Jamaluddin Radzi, both charged of accepting RM 100,000 bribe. On 13th October 2009, the court was told of the sting operation to nab the former PKR-duo. Amongst others :-

    • Businessman Mohamad Imran acted as agent provocateur for the then-ACA;
    • ACA agent, Norliza Mokhtar, acted as Imran's girlfriend;
    • Imran testified that he push a briefcase containing RM 100,000 towards Osman but Osman directed Imran to push it towards Usaili (another co-defendant);
    • On another occasion Imran pushed RM 5000 to Osman but he gestured that the money to be given to Usaili;
    • Imran stated that it was Usaili who asked for more money (up to RM 50,000);
    • Imran prompted for Osman to put a sum for a project to be approved (by Osman);
    • Imran mentioned that Osman requested him to deal with Usaili on the project approval;
    • Imran also mentioned that he arranged for a crate of beer and three foreign nationals to accompany three men through the night in Penang;

  5. The court will hear more on this later. To me, the sting operation is a deliberate and careful planning to trapped Osman and Jamaluddin Radzi. I am not saying that they are innocent but why such elaborate plans to nab the duo?
  6. Looking at it, there is high possibility that both Osman and Jamaluddin will walk out of court as free men.
  7. Osman and Jamaluddin should have read through the script by now and should realise that their "turn over" is pre-planned. It might be too late for them to make a complete u-turn but at least, I hope, they can make decisions based on their conscience at least for 1 last time to return Perak to the people. And the people has chose PR to govern Perak! It might be too much to ask but I feel that that is the only option available to bring Perak back on track, out of political and legal fire pan...
  8. Whilst touching on the legal fire pan, BN should at least wait until the federal court sitting on 5th November which will decide on who is the legal MB of Perak. Once the federal court has decided, then MB's legality will no longer be questioned.
  9. My question - why should BN and PR keep on cogging on the wheels of justice? When will this drama ends? Too many whys, no conclusive decision.
  10. If Germany is known for Octoberfest, America is known to celebrate halloween . Both happens in October. And being a "naive" person, I always take it that Halloween is celebrated every last Wedneday of October and this time around it falls on 28th October 2009.
  11. Trick or treat - I won't know. Come 28th October, who will sit on the speaker's chair? Will the 2 assembly seating held at the same venue, at the same time? If not, who will declare open the state assembly and whose assembly will the Sultan attend?
  12. 2 weeks to go...maybe by then a clearer picture will emerge.

Footnote : Ahhh...and you think that's the only Halloween in town?...Nah...there is another Halloween. Let' s call it the Royal Halloween...and you can read it here. It is up to your perception whether to accept the "hearsays" as presented or to dismiss it as "malicous lies". That choice is yours.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


ahoo said...

The picture thus far is so clear cut.BN has manipulated the case right from the beginning with even some of the court officials at their disposal.

They may be mayhem BUT the illegal speaker will throw out any person or persons not following the rule of the house. He will certainly uses his power to suspend as many as possible of the non BN's and ensure that the budget gets through without any issue. This cronies budget will pleases the ever hungry goons as they have suffered since the days of 0308.

nightcaller said...


The picture is crytal clear that BN will do whatever it takes to pass the budget. That may also means a repeat of May '09 sitting when an illegitimate speaker took over the rostrum.

As I pointed out that the federal court sitting on 5th November may give the final verdict on who is the rightful MB of Perak,the court case of Jamaluddin/Osman Jailu indicayed that their bribery case is actually a sting operation by the then-ACA.

It shows how low a party can go to wrest a pakatan-held state and I will not be surprise if Jamaluddin/Osman decided to throw their support behind PR before they leave the scene. Wishful thinking? Yes...but God works in many wonderful ways...

My one wish is for the Perak crisis be legally and morally resolved. Am I asking too much from 1M PM6?

sunwayopal said...

It is impossible for Osman and Jamaludin to do a u-Turn for the sake of the people. Much like Hee, these people are now set up for life.

And to your question NC, I am sorry to say, yes indeed it is too much ask from 1M PM6. To me, 1M PM has managed to pull wool over many peoples eyes with all his niceties to the Indians, his 1 Malaysia nonsense. People think he is the moderate faceof UMNO.

But I see this bugger as no better than Mahathir, hardcore UMNO to the roots!

He is definitely no liberal like Zaid Ibrahim.

Perak sorry to say is a gone case, the script I can already tell u. Either the PUDM (Polis Di UMNO Malaysia) goons will stop Sivakumar or the Court officers (biased BeeEnd donkeys) will haul Sivakumar out of the Speakers chair.

Pakatan reps will prob walk off at this point but budgets will b blanket passed by the BeeEnd reps.

End of story.

And Najib and Zambry will come out with some nonsense after that about the gangster behaviours of Sivakumar and the Pakatan Reps , patronising everybody , without (maybe even realising) realising that they are the ones , along with the Perak Sultan, who has raped the Perak people and the Perak constituition.

End of story.