Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Of news : Good, bad and ...

Maybe from now on, we have to be extra cautious with issues raised and issues "purposely" downplayed....for that we need more "eyes" to keep track of what's going on in big momma's head...

UPDATED : Mohamed Nor Yaakob, Minister in charge of EPU, clarified this afternoon (22nd October 2009) and picked up by RTM 2 news that there is no proposal of IJN takeover. He further stressed that the government will not privatise IJN. This should be good news to RAKYAT MALAYSIA. Thks big dog and Rocky for highlighting the possibility of IJN takeover part 2 which leads to Mohamed Nor's denials.

  1. Everytime the Auditor General released his yearly report, we are exposed to the many puzzling expenditures, purchases, business ventures undertaken by the states, the public sectors including various ministries.
  2. The Ministry of Education (as an example) purchase overpriced trees. The Ministry paid four to eight times more than the prevailing market price. For the record, Muhyiddein, our DPM is also the Minister of Education.
  3. Still on education, MARA paid RM 84,640 for 2 laptops whose market price is RM 9,000. Apart from that, MARA bought RM 350,000 teaching manuals which were never used.
  4. Pahang state government goes one up when their proton perdanas were recorded to fill up their tank by RM 113 and barely a minute later recorded another filling up of RM 112. Either the Perdanas has massive leakage or it has double tank like those Jags.
  5. Pempena, the subsidiary of Tourism Malaysia, did not escape the Auditor General's observation either. A quick glance revealed that Pempena is in RM 41M mess involving failed ventures and losses.
  6. Penang government is quick in inviting the Auditors to visit the state and discuss issues on how to improve the performances of government officials. So far, the Auditor General had raised about the frequent tyre changes of three Penang state owned vehicles.
  7. As for Selangor, the Auditor General is prompting the state government to allocate enough funds to gazette the sources of raw water.
  8. If Pahang and Penang were implicated with questionable practises of fuel fill up and tyre replacements, Terengganu goes big. Terengganu purchase 26 buses costing RM 10M which were grounded due to objections from existing operators. All because the state failed to carry out comprehensive study before implementing projects.
  9. In terms of poor forest management, the states of Kelantan, Pahang, Johor and Sarawak caused river pollution, erosion, landslides and destruction of flora and fauna ecological system.
  10. These are bad news for most of us as it shows that there are still bad practices by both the policy makers (politicians) as well as administrators (government officials). At the same time, the Auditor General's report is good news for suppliers and vendors as they see that there is nothing much the Auditor General can do with the report. They also know that the usual "noises" from parliaments will die down in time.
  11. For now, DAP is urging 1M PM6 Najib to take concrete actions against those behind reckless expenditure. Maybe 1M PM6 will reply affirmative in the parliament but no actions will be taken...believe me.
  12. The Auditor General's report will soon be overcast by the looming budget 2010. 1M PM6 is expected to table a feel good budget 2010. And TVs' and MSM will be singing praises for BN and Najib's leadership style comes Friday, 23rd October 2010.
  13. How good is the feel good budget? One thing for sure, it may make the smokers happy. I just chanced on 30 sen increase for a packet of cigarettes effective just after Eid Fitri. (Being a non-smoker, I was not aware of this) By 23rd October, the smokers will forget about the "minor" burn-hole in their pockets.
  14. Not only that, I also expect the feel good budget will somehow cause massive amnesia to those who fight against IJN privatisation. It may feel good but blogger bigdog highlighted the IJN disembowment in his posting. And yes, I understand that some of you hated Rockybru and consider him to cross over to the "dark side" but at least he still has some "force" left to highlight the IJN issue, again. Collectively, it is time to rise and fight off IJN's takeover attempt - part II. When I write collectively means that we all have to rise and make known our stand that IJN should not be privatised !
  15. In the end, there is always good news for some bad bad news for the rest. Those who receive financial gains will say that all these are good news. For the majority who will be suffering from those few reckless rascals who siphoned off our monies, it will be bad news. Heck! we may be made to pay extra for their blunders. Is it fair?
  16. 1M PM6 talks about people first, performance now. So far, the people first slogan is not biting. It is more of the "selected few first". Of course, to dress up 1M PM6's "concern" for the people, there will always be some "window dressing" like MACC arresting "millionaire" director or some low-rank police charged with CBT. So what? Is that the best they can do? Where are the sharks? Are we forever resign to catch bilis with our legal nets? What about "millionaire" politicians - when will MACC take action against them?
  17. 1M PM6 Najib has 3 good mentors. One is Mahathir Mohamed who knows how to tackle the masses. The other is AAB who "grabs" whilst sleeping and the third is Anwar who is brilliant in diverting attention. Combined all the 3 and you have 1M PM6 Najib.
  18. Mind you that 1M PM6 has something more than his previous 3 mentors combined - he has big momma beside him (or is it leading him?)
  19. Maybe from now on, we have to be extra cautious with issues raised and issues "purposely" downplayed....for that we need more "eyes" to keep track of what's going on in big momma's head...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


ahoo said...

When those who corrupts know that all is well as the enforcers are also like them in one way or another, this nation is spiralling into hell hole faster than anyone can think. Until and unless we have enforcers who are worth their salts, we are staring at the world at large as it passes us by.

So Malaysians, please make hay while it is still day as nightfall will comes and we can't bargain. The annual auditor's reports are for mere reading only as long as I can recalled. No further action is the keyword for the Malaysian authority and coverup is the punishment for the offenders. Nothing chnage until we the people decides that enough is enough. We must change what we don't like for the sake of this blessed nation.

I cried in my heart each time disaster occurs within Asean countries and I thank God that we are shielded from it time and again. The love of your nation is not via sloganeering with smart words by publicity stunt BUT from your heart you know that this nation is blessed more than others YET we the people are so ignorant about it.

Let us stand up and ensure that evil politicians don't take us all for a ride to hell. We need to ensure that this country is in the right perspective for our children sake. For this is home and no where else in this world can we call it by that name as we were borned here and will eventually die here. SABM.

nightcaller said...


It should stop now and the annual report by Auditor General should be taken seriously. We have to keep soldiering on until something is done.

And yes, for those who loves making hay - continue doing so before the noose close in. I always believe that there are always those in government office who cringes everytime the report is released. Jointly, they will be our front in eliminating these "rogue" expenditures.

Those politicians be-warned. The time will come when the masses will reject them for their double-sided hypocricy...

sunwayopal said...

Even with pointers as clear as what is provided with the auditors generals report, MACC will do nothing.

They are playing political games going after Pakatan reps and checking if they really spent rm 2000 on flags.

Hundreds of thousands and millions of mismanagemnt and farud spending semua buat tak tau.

Satu lagi crony Barisan Najis -> MACC and their head (ie Bapak Child Porn) Hamdan Said!


Anonymous said...