Saturday, February 18, 2017

Of RUU 355...looking from both sides

18th February 2017... Padang Merbok turns purple whilst a few kilometres away in Petaling Jaya, a counter rally against RUU 355 takes place

Good thing about RUU 355 is that it is organised by PAS. Eventhough they turn Padang Merbok purple, there is hardly any report of purple gang heckling RUU 355 counter rally in Petaling Jaya. I bet if this is organised by Jam Sekincan and if ever he managed to gather the crowd as big as purple, all hell will break loose and definitely his lieutenants will heckle or maybe gate crash the counter rally in Petaling Jaya. That said, it is evidently clear that purple movement is definitely the contrast of red shirted Jam Sekincan.

Although Himpunan RUU 355 is not over, I can't help noticing the absence of Wan Azizah, Azmin Ali, Muhyiddin and Mahathir, not to mention the Lims. Hopefully, they can reach out to the crowd tonight if they are really serious in wanting 1MPM6 to go come GE 14. That will be another story...

This time, let's focus on what Siti Kasim has to say during the counter rally :-
1. Urge Malays to go against the proposed RUU 355;
2. RUU 355 is not in personal behalf and not under her name;

Obviously this lawyer is living on a different planet. Assuming that Siti is a Muslim (by birth or otherwise), her obligation is to pray 5 times daily. Right? Now, can Siti indicate to us all here where in the Quran verses telling how to pray? Further, where in the Quran any inication that u need 2 rakaat for Fajr, 4 for Zuhr, 4 for Asr, 3 for Mghrib and 4 for Isya'? If her answer is none, then where does the instruction comes from? It will be from Sunnah rasul ie the practise of prophet. What does it means? It means that in Islam, Quran comes from Allah and He guided his prophet on how to do the practical of His commands, be it prayers, fasting, Zakat, Hajj and more than that the prophet also guide Muslims on the Hudud and Qisas.

That said, Siti is better off take a step back and revisit the teachings of Islam and do not use her logic to defy Allah's instructions. Siti should also accept the facts that not all Malays are Muslims. This can be seen in Singapore where I have come across Malays who are Christians and if we agree that Indonesians are Malays, then not all Indonesian Malays are Muslims. Closer to shore, it is similar ie not all Malays are Muslims. So dear Siti, please get your words want Muslims to oppose RUU 355 or you want non-Muslim Malays to oppose RUU 355? If your speech is aimed at non-Muslim Malays, it is actually a non-issue because non-Muslims are not affected by RUU 355.

See you guys Monday...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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