Friday, October 20, 2017

Of same person, different fortunes... inside and outside

When does it starts to end and when does the end begins? Same person, different political approach, different results...

Easily said - as a politician, you are on the wrong side of the law the moment you turn your backs from the ruling party. This is what Shafie Afdal is facing now that he is helming Parti Wawasan after leaving UMNO last year.

Politically, your opponents will wipe you off in ways unexpected of you and Syafie Afdal in no exception and more. The "independent" MACC is investigating RM 1.5B development fund case from the ministry helmed by Shafie Afdal when he was UMNO's vice President. When you are on the wrong side of the party, everyone connected to you takes part of the heat, in this case both his brothers Hamid and Yusof Afdal were also remanded by MACC for investigation. Since justice is blind, the swoop did not take into account that Yusof Afdal is a current UMNO politician. It doesn't matters...

Is it just me wondering or is it a hallucination - Shafie Afdal goes from hero to villain the moment he jumps off UMNO ship to head Parti Wawasan Sabah. Is this retribution time for Shafie for abandoning UMNO? Further :-

1. Why Shafie Afdal now? What about the rest of the cabinet members? Are they as innocent as the white piece of cloth?;
2. Is this an act to send "messages" to those in UMNO not to abandon the sinking ship?;
3. Is this another subtle warning to Sabah UMNO politicians to toe the party line?;
4. Is political assassination of Afdal brothers will put UMNO in a strong foothold in Sabah?

Shafie Afdal is no saint. However, Shafie Afdal is Anwar Ibrahim of Sabah. His remand may lead to open confrontation with peninsular-based UMNO. UMNO (read : BN) could no longer rest on its laurels if Shafie Afdal is charged in open court. Like it or not, Shafie Afdal and his siblings is quite influential in Sabah, at least in Semporna.

1MPM6 may deny his role in getting Shafie Afdal and claim that MACC is an independent body. With things going on including those involving MACC officer, how many of you think MACC is totally independent? How many of you believe that 1MPM6 has no influence on MACC?

On-off RPK has his own take on certain issues including AG. There are many dots to be connected and if you connect the right dots, you may see some pattern emerging including the web of tamil-speaking guys from the north. Is 1MPM6 aware of this deceitful web? Or is he relying on his UMNO prince to cover all his tracks, locally and abroad? If that is the case, then what use of UMNO's youth to 1MPM6?

Whilst UMNO maybe gloating with their inspired war against corruption, the remand orders on Shafie Afdal is more of a warning shot to UMNO leaders who is thinking of jumping ship. Isa Samad's remand is a show-case to camourflage the real issues. Isa is just a selected "fall guy" to be paraded as UMNO's claim that the authorities are free in their actions. If it is really so, what about supersensitive issues that has been plaguing us since the past few years? Or is it "over" because 1MPM6 wants it to be over?

Pakatan Harapan needs to look at available alternatives should Shafie Afdal charged for misusing the RM 1.5B development funds. If Pakatan Harapan is really serious to put up a good challenge in GE14, they have to swallow their pride and work with other opposition parties as well. Can they do so? So far, there is always the bickerings, loud and clear, indicating opposition supporters are not magnaminous in forgiving old horse. So how can they win the war if they can't even cross a small stream?

Look at Hadi Awang's "A vote for Harapan is a vote for ..." Hadi is hellbent in taking out old horse but has he consider that old horse did not deviate state funds to his own pocket? Is Hadi okaying for politicians to pocket the rakyats' money as if it is theirs? Is Hadi giving his blessing that it is OK for politicians (and his minions) to spend thousands in gambling and partying? Is Hadi giving his acceptance to politicians wetting his pants with other peoples' wives or daughters? Is Hadi covering others (as long as they are not from Pakatan Harapan) to carry on with their sexual, financial, abuse of power misdeeds?

Maybe GE 14 is hotting up now...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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