Thursday, October 19, 2017

Of responsibility over personal deficiency...

The Sun news caption "MACC chief defiant against personal attacks" is interesting indeed.

You can read all about it in the newspaper. What we are going to do is "what if" scenarios, comparing politician and civil servant similarities, when it comes to gross misbehaviour...

MACC Chief claimed that is is a "dirty and despicable" personal attack. No comment there as he ha his rights to say that. What is not mentioned is whether the accusation has truth or not. Did he or did he not?

Politicians and civil servants are looked upon and expected to be at their model best, not only in performing their duties but to set good moral examples. Malaysians and maybe the rest of the world expected their political leaders (as well as civil servants) to be at their best to serve their respective nations. Bill Clinton goes down because of his alledged (and later proven) extra-marital affairs, Nixon went down due to the infamous Watergate scandal.

Christine Keeler wrought havoc in Britain when she had sexual liaison with both the then British War Minister and Russian military attache. We haven't start talking about JF Kennedy and his shared common passion with known mafia leaders. All because of their sexual liaison with women, either sinle, married or divorcee...

Back to Malaysia, what if the issue currently faced by MACC top officer is mirrored by a politician? What if :-

1. Someone's wife frequented an elected politician office and make the elected politician office as her second office? In time, the elected politician stays unnecessary longer in his office to "entertain" the woman up to the stage that it becomes common knowledge to the inside circle? Will sexual contacts happen?

A civil servant need to travel overseas in his course of duty. It is uncommon for civil servants to divert to other destinations upon completion of his works. If a "dirty and mischeavous" person accused the civil servant of spending few nights with a married woman (soon to be divorcee) together under 1 roof and same space, will he succumbed to his sexual desire?

2. Due to the 2nd office policy of the married woman, an elected politician decided to rid his present wife under whatever pretext (be it fact or accusation), and negotiate to marry his trophy wife, will that lead to possible misuse of power?

For the civil servant, is it possible in times of "under duress", the civil servant decides to part ways with his existing family, will this leads to possible trophy wife marriage which can further leads to abuse of power?

3. Years later, the elected politician with time has better opportunity whereupon his "trophy" wife demands projects and the politician cave in to her demands, is this not abuse of power?

Is there any possibilty for the civil servant to be swayed in his decision through the whisper of his "trophy" conquest?

History has shown that sexual tryst can leads to destruction. In the past, civil servants and politicians are the vanguards of nation's security. Both have to co-operate for the betterment of the nation, not for the betterment to their sexual conquest.

MACC has come a long way and is trying their best to pin down corruption. However, corruption does not comes in financial gains alone. Sexual gain is also a form of corruption as proven in Perak in 2008.

It is up to the MACC officer to think of the issue. It is better for him to look within and ask himself whether what he did is right or wrong. Consider the following (if the "dirty and despicable" personal attack is true :-

1. As a Muslim, is it proper for him to spend the time together with a non-muhrim in a single room?
2. Even if the woman has been divorced on that particular date, the woman is still under 'eddah' which is approximately 4 months 10 days from the date when she is divorced, whereby her ex-husband is still responsible for the woman and is given the opportunity to 'rujuk';
3. What is the role of the other 2 identified person in the video? Are they the "arrangers" and fixers? What benefit do they gain from this "secret" rendzevous? If both of them will be promoted, is this not corruption?
4. Prophet Mohamad pbuh said "the best amongst you are those that treat their wife and children well". Maybe the officer need to ask himself the same question - am I fair to my family;
5. What is his next step? "Nasi sudah menjadi bubur". You cannot piece back a broken glass and claim that it is as good as new. Two families has been shattered. On one hand, the officer's family is faced with uncertainties of future because the decision lies with the man. For the woman in question, how can she cope with the issue in front of her colleagues and children?

You may want to read more here or to this link where the juicy part is there, complete with identities of those shielding the officer.

For the time being, AG Apandi tried to defuse the situation by setting up a task force to monitor probe against the MACC officer. Hopefully, this task force will carry out its duties dilligently without fear and favour. It should be noted that the said MACC officer used to be in AG office before transferred to MACC. By the way, Apandi did not set any timeline for the task force. An open timeline is a suspected timeline....

Misdeed has been done. It is better for the officer to stand up for his action and admit if the claim by "dirty and despicable" personal attacker is true or not. From thereon, the officer needs to make further decision regarding his family, her family, his career etc. It is better to answer from one's mistake now and vacant MACC seat rather than be held ransom for immediate past action.

Me? I am a simple guy who choose not to be actively politically involve nor do I accept previous offer to read Friday sermon. Reason : I have much more to learn and many miles to go to control my "nafsu"...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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