Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Of unbecoming Hadi...

Slow internet connection forced me to be on a backburner for the past few months, painfully looking at the spiraling opposition. Why do I say that? It seems that the opposition is jostling to outdo each other and harm themselves more than their thirst to see a better Malaysia.

Unfortunately, the brunt of opposition attack is on PAS, who seeks to be the lone ranger of opposition and the party that has been misinterpreted the most due to the concerted efforts of issuing contradictory statements by its leaders.

Now that the internet is back on track, nightcaller will be back regularly...rest assured.

Lately, Hadi cameup with another imploding statement rejecting secularism, Malaysian Malaysia and chauvinism. Honestly. Hadi is better-off monitoring his health charts and stop making nonsical statements that is putting him apart from PAS spirit.

Yes, it is correct for Hadi to reject secularism as all Muslims rejected secularism. To PAS, there is no division between religion and political ambition. Islam is a totality meaning it encompass religion as well as politics. Hadi rejected secularism and he is correct as all those who lafaz should also rejected secularism.

However, I did not see anything wrong with Malaysian Malaysia. As tere are those who proudly claim they are Saudis (although they are not from the Saud family), there is nothing wrong if you want to be proud of your country. Here, Hadi is wrong in his approach. What does Hadi wants? Does he wants us all to claim to be Saudis? Is it not mention in the Quran that Allah makes us in tribes so that we can know each other?

That said, Hadi is better off nursing his heart ailment and pass the political baton to his deputy.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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