Friday, October 13, 2017

Of targetted Sabah... be prepared

Only tesreday, I mention of arm twisting and today the STAR indicated that Sabah politicians are in MACC crosshair.

You doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to read between the lies. Sabah is going to be one of the deciding battlefields in GE 14 and MACC is providing the warning shot.

Truthfully, I have nothing personal against MACC. They are trying to do their job. When they did not take action, there are those who condemn them for being inactive. And when they are trying to do their job, there were also be those who claim foul on what MACC is doing. Take it with a pinch of salt and good faith that MACC is independently doing their job to stem off corruptive practise from its roots. Heck - why not start with Sabah, if MACC choose so...

Whilst Syafie Afdal welcomes MACC probe and ready to co-operate, it should be known that :-

1. What Syafie Afdal knows may not be what MACC is looking for;
2. MACC may ask a different set of questions that Syafie Afdal expected;
3. Syafie Afdal may provide information that is not related to MACC investigation;

As mentioned yesterday, 1MPM6 may capitalise on the independent MACC investigation to send a clear sign to his political allies and foes :- toe my line or be on the wrong side of the law. Game over...

Should politicians be the only ones to be blamed? Look at the RM 40M treatment plant white elephant project. Did someone up there consider the following :-

1. Treatment plant ready, water pipelines to be connected;
2. 4,000 villagers who is supposed to benefit from the project have yet to get their piped water;
3. Water supply from the river insufficient for the treatment plant to work;

My questions :-

1. Is it not the Economic Planning Unit (and impelementing agencies like JKR) supposed to do feasibility study on various projects before it takes off the ground?;
2. Who briefed the politician such that the projects were taken without taking into accounts other contributing factors like piped water?;
3. What is the Project Manager doing during the construction? Is he not supposed to raise the red flag if this is going to be a white elephant?
4. RM 40M to serve 4,000 villagers? That is an average cost of RM 10,000 per villager for treatment plant. Is that feasible? Is the treatment plant oversized? Where is the designer? What is his rationale in building the treatment plant of that size?;
5. Is the treatment plant Tested & Commissioned? How do you Test & Commission the plant if you do not have sufficient water?;
6. What is the operating cost for the treatment plant? Is it disbursed? If yes, who is the recipient for the operating cost? Another element of misuse fund?;
7. Who sign off the design and treatment plant acceptance? Why not haul them up and get to the bottom of this picture.

From what I see, the failure lies with the implementing agencies ie public officials who provide misinformation to politicians for decision to build the treatment plant. Or is it the weakness of our public servants who succumbed to politicians will and wishes? Malaysia have so many implementing agencies like Works Department, Water Authority, Sewage Authority, Economic Planning Unit, Federal Departments, State Departments. Are we telling ourselves that none of these departments foresee the problem? Does it take a non-technical person like MACC to point out the discrepancies before action is taken?

On this issue, what does the Auditor General say? Someone needs to dig the Auditor General report and see if this has been picked up. If yes, then clearly someone somewhere is not doing his job and getting paid blindly for his incompetence...

After Sabah, where next? Sarawak, maybe..?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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