Thursday, April 13, 2017

Of special function... H2O or not

Barry Manilow, the singer with a string of hits like "Mandy", "Can't smile without you" and "Copacabana (at the Copa)" finally feels relieved when he confirmed his public secret that he is a gay. That he did when he turns 73.

Malaysia is a close society. Not many are willing to come out and openly declare they are gay, regardless whether they are artist, politicians, career guys...

This posting is not about Barry's Mandy, this is about H2O. This is not about chemical H2O but a special H2O by the name of Hishamuddein Hussein Onn...

1MPM6's appointment of Hishammuddin Hussein Onn as special functions minister is an indication of things to come. PKR sees the appointment as a stumbling block for Zahid, whilst pro-UMNO blogs hails it a possible transition plan post GE14.

If DAP is boosted with Lim's father-son combo, PKR has Azizah-Nurul tagteam then nothing can be said of Najib-H2O combination. In fact, H2O has been a cabinet member long before Najib became 1MPM6.

On Special functions minister, there are 3 that came to mind :-

1. King Ghaz, the master diplomat cum minister who was never meant to be DPM/PM of Malaysia;
2. Daim Zainuddin, the recluse roped in to face Malaysia's 90"s financial crisis;
3. Wahid Omar, the banker relied on to plug leakages.

Now, back to H2o. Is he tailored to be special functions minister? Whilst some vouched on his polished acts, there are moments when he could not deliver. One such case is the 2013 Lahad Datu incident. The other is his handling of Bersih 3.0.

H2O still lacks the international appeal and his keris antics will be long remembered. With his past record in UMNO's general assembly, it will not be easy for the non-UMNOs to accept that H2O speaks for the nation and has the nation's interest at heart.

If his special functions is limited to reining in UMNO and BN, then it will be a different story. H2O, being a cousin to 1MPM6 will be the final piece to 1MPM6's jigsaw. He is there to look over Zahid Hamidi and keep Zahid's ambition in check. With his special functions, he can checkmate Zahid if the latter thinks of pushing 1MPM6 off the power pedestal.

At the same time, his special functions can act as a detterent to BN's component parties, the likes of MIC and MCA to demand more seats for GE 14. Remember, he once wield his keris in General Assembly and there is no stopping him from reminding MCA and MIC of his past antics. As As for PPP and Gerakan, there are a non-issue.

H2O still lacks the political savvy to calm the storm and he is not moulded to go against Lim Kit Siang or even Muhyuddin. H2O ascendency to special funstions is to appease Johoreans. With Johore state EXCO in hot soup for land conversion issue, Muhyiddin cross over to BERSATU, 1MPM6 needs to calm Bangsa Johor by putting H2O as special funstions. It may not be DPM post nor is it DPM2 equivalent but sufficient enough to indicate that political power is shifting to Johore.

UMNO has seen Musa Hitam, Mahyuddin bumped off from DPM post, thus putting H2O as special functions will not be politiced by the opposition. Afterall, special functions have many different meanings. It may even be house cleaning or at worst toilet cleaning.

Whatever it is, let H2O get his job scope and we will see if he can achieve his KPI...

On the other front, Rafizi finally named Nasharuddin Mat Isa as ex-PAS leader who received who got SRC funds.

With PAS muktamar at the end of the month, political Hadi must come out clean. Either Hadi explained that Nasharudin, if he accepts money on personal basis or if he accepts on behalf of PAS. If he accepts on behalf of PAS, Hadi needs to explain why PAS accept the money from UMNO's najib and where is the money?

PAS is caught between 2 fires. One from its sworn enemy ie UMNO and the other from it's old ally - Pakatan. PAS has been playing with fire and now political Hadi is feeling the heat. You cannot get best of both worlds, not when it involved UMNO.

Rafizi has every rights to expose SRC money trail and Nasharudin will not be the main man. Rafizi is aiming at PAS leadership and political Hadi must come out clean. Unless, political Hadi is no better than what he called DAP recently. It stinks... will political Hadi comes clean?

PAS could not sweep this under the carpet. Doing so will expose PAS as a party similar to UMNO, only at a smaller scale.... maybe at the expense of more of its members abandoning PAS and migrate to other opposition parties. Is political Hadi willing to see that happen?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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