Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Of "embracing a live komodo"...

There is a Malay proverb "Saperti mendukung biawak hidup". That is the literal meaning of this posting. Again, the subject is political Hadi...

My last posting mentioned about an ulama should not be foul mouthed. Let's expand a little on it, ok?

Political Hadi is getting confused. Maybe, with both Nik Aziz and Harun Din gone, he has nowhere to turn to for advise. This leaves him in a very precarious position where his mind can be "make-over" by 1mPM6's seemingly nice overture. Little did Hadi realise that 1MPM6 is a thoroughbred UMNO and will do his utmost best to destroy PAS.

Political Hadi should consider these before making his own judgement :-

1. There are clear and eternity enemies;
2. There are trojan horse in his party who is out to destroy PAS from within;
3. There are "friendly parties" who have their own ulterior motive for their own gain;

When political Hadi berated others and say that it is not wrong for UMNO to be friendly with PAS when it comes to Islam, what about PKR, Amanah? Are there not parties with majority Muslims as their members? Are they not fighting for Islam too? So, why specifically allies with UMNO who has backstabbed PAS since time inmemorial?

Political Hadi should knpow that there is a heavy baggage and huge skeletons in 1MPM6's closet. It is a matter of time for it to be blown open, either by within or outside.

A question for political Hadi - Does receiveing donation from a "friendly" party acceptable? Even if it comes from a Jewish-related family? If it is not, then what is political Hadi trying to do in defending what is already wrong?

There is one thing called principle. If Hadi is a principled person, he will stay away from continually spewing foul mouthed words. It is good for the rural Malays...only as good as savouring kacang putih but in the end political Hadi will lose all the political clouts achieved in his early political career.

Someone asked me - why am I hard on political Hadi. It is not that. I believed in principle and political Hadi has crossed many red lines just to defends his decision and lately I see Hadi being sidelined for his actions. He lacks the strength to carry on PAS torch. He might be PAS president, winning uncontested but it is hightime for him to pass the baton to the next in line.

And Rafizi, don't hide behind your statements. If you are sincere in fighting corruption, then you should be equally truthful for the corruption within PKR camp... ada berani?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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