Thursday, April 06, 2017

Of destructive self-promo... Shabudin style

You know it's GE season when politicians came out with expletive statements - all in the hope of catching the eye of political party leaders and hopefully wooed as potential candidate for the coming election.

Forget about Siti Kasim, she may be a good political pawn for DAP and maybe PKR but certainly she will not make it to rural areas. Her best hope is in urban mixed-area like Bandar Tun Razak.

Shabudin may like to retain his Tasek Gelugor seat. Shabudin who?

Every politicians want to be a hero. To catch 1MPM6's attention, BN politicians need to be creative. One such case happens to Shabudin Yahaya. The Guardian carried the news "Rape victims should marry their rapists, Malaysian MP tells parliament". In it, Shabudin was reported :-
1. Rape victims can "ward off" bleak future by marrying their rapists;
2. to suggest rapists can turn to new leave by getting married to their victims;

When the public turn against his views, Shabudin take a short cut answer by claiming that he has been misquoted. maybe the hansard in parliament can prove otherwise.

This is where Shabudin gets wrongly tanggled. He was a syaria judge before elected as MP of Tasek Gelugor. As a judge, syaria some more, Shabudin should have carefully choose his words. Shabudin should ask himself - which is his priority, to get his points across or to get 1MPM6's attention?

Even if Shabudin is misquoted, the initial news of his statements has grab world headlines from UK to Tokyo. Is it equally easy for him to get his statements corrected in Guardian and Tokyo Times? I doubt it...

Maybe it is time for Shabudin to look within himself and learn to think before shooting his own foot, just because he seeks the pleasure on 1MPM6 and hopefully retain as MP candidate for Tasek Gelugor.

Me? I will be ashame of him if I were a voter of Tasek Gelugor. The same response when someone's son was enraged when his father was mentioned in Parliament. What say you?

Will there be a group of Tasek Gelugor voters in Shabudin's office demanding him to retract his statement? Maybe, over a cup of coffee and nasi lemak...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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