Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Of blind actions and blinded members...

Just because a newspaper lampooned your leader,it does not mean the newspaper is stoking religious tension.

Let's get it right, just because a leader is a Haji does not means everything he did represents Islam...

Let's ask ourselves, are we a matured society? There are leaders who categorically say that Malaysians are a matured society as he deemed it politically correct to utter the words. This, you can intermittently hear in parliament when government backers and opposition debate on issues of the day.

However, let's look deeper and ask ourselves - Are we really a matured society? You d not have to wait for an election to see party members lampooning the other side candidate in whatever issues possible, beginning from submarine, diamond rings, main belakang and what not. This is not limited to poster wars.

In this case, Nanyang Siang Pau lampooned both Pandikar and Hadi for RUU 355. Not familiar? Well, Pandikar allowed Hadi to tabled his private bill on ammendments to RUU 355 on the last day of recent parliamentary sitting. After tabling the bill and after the bill was seconded, Pandikar decided to end the sitting with many MPs' objecting as the debate on the bill is deferred to next parliamentary sitting.

Pandikar, on his part, explained that since the previous day sitting ended at 5 am, he is in the opinion that the parliementary staff and the MPs' are too tired to debate healthily. Thus, he make the ruling to defer the debate to next parliemantary sitting.

Whether Pandikar make the right decision or not, it is his call as he is the boss and he rules it that way. Whether Pandikar was instructed from "upstairs" to defer the debate is a non-issue.

The same goes for Nanyang Siang Pau. It is the newspaper's right to view the issue in whatever way they want. That is part of press freedom. As other mainline newspaper or online newspaper lampooned political leaders from both sides of the fence, it is Nanyang's view.

Just because someone feels Nanyang has crossed the line, a protest is held against the cartoon in front of Nanyang Siang Pau's office.

What about linking the cartoon to religious tension? What connections is there to link the cartoon to stoking religious tension? Yes, Hadi is PAS president but that does not mean whatever Hadi does is right. If whatever Hadi does does not mean it is automatically religious, then Nanyang has the rights to lampooned Hadi. That said, PAS supporters should not get overzealous in linking what Nanyang Siang Pau did to stoking religious tension. I did not see religious tension here. What I see is Nanyang Siang Pau lampooning Hadi as a political person. Period.

There are two sides of Hadi here. One is religious leader Hadi and the other one is political Hadi. Political Hadi claimed that Rafizi claim of an ex-PAS leader receiving 1MDB related money is 300% wrong. Well! is there any such thing as 300% wrong or 300% correct?

This is not about defending Rafizi. What Hadi claimed is based on his knowledge. Maybe Hadi did not receive the money and Rafizi never claimed Hadi did. Rafizi mentioned ex-PAS leader. Well - even Nakhaie is ex-PAS leader and he may well received some 1MDB-linked money. I am not accusing Nakhaie but I am not discounting an ex-PAS leader may receive the money knowingly or unknowingly.

Until Rafizi singled out the person, political Hadi cannot totally dismiss Rafizi's statement. Both Hadi and Rafizi are politicians and as politicians they will wriggle their way out somewhere or somehow. Hadi should not jump the gun...let Rafizi names an ex-PAS leader and the link to 1MDB money, only then Hadi can claim whether what Rafizi say is true or false.

With political Hadi dismissing Rafizi's claim so early, it shows that the opposition as a fractured lot. Not broken just fractured. How serious is the fracture depends on who is looking at it. The way I see it, it may be a bit too serious for the fracture to heal come August...(ooops) when GE 14 date is announced.

If political Hadi dislikes others from spewing harsh words against him, Hadi shud also learn to refrain from being overtly foul-mouthed. Hadi being a fiqh scholar shud learn to refrain himself. By being overtly foul-mouthed, political Hadi may be showing his concern that his ability to lead PAS is being openly questioned. Further, Hadi is no Nik Aziz. Hadi should go back to school and learn etiqquite. No harm dome to learn how to be patient and not bashing everybody as if he is the only person right in this world.

Now that I have said my piece, hope noone starts to lampoon me.... BTW, going for my vacation...and internet will be intermittently available. Maybe no posting until next week?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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