Friday, April 07, 2017

Of political deferment...

Purely academic. I guess that's how legal fraternities look at RUU 355.

"Someone once said if you are in power you are powerful. If you don't use your power you are a bloody fool" - Pandikar Amin Mulia (6th April 2017)

Finally, Hadi got his chance to table private member's bill on RUU 355 ammendment on the last day of Parliament sitting. Takiyuddin, in his 1 1/2 hour speech supported the motion afterwhich Pandikar Amin ruled debate on RUU 355 will be held in the next sitting.

What does this means? STAR reported the bill could stay stuck based on the following :-

1. In future sittings, Hadi's motion on ammendment to RUU 355 will be treated as private member's bill and Government's business of the day will take precedence. It means Hadi's motion will take a back seat;
2. The speaker must give permission for Hadi's motion to be debated and this is not automatic. It means everything can be in limboland;
3. Hadi's private member's bill can only move forward if Hadi's motion is debated and voted. It means the motion is still a political play for the government of the day;
4. BN would follow the spirit of consensus and not take over the bill. It means 1MPM6 will play to the audience of BN political partners as well as Hadi where it suits him best;
5. Hadis' bill could rmain in the order papers without anything happening for a long time. It means the bill can be collecting dust or as the malays say it "Hingga kucing bertanduk";
6. Example of this is GST which was on order papers since 2009 and only passed in 2014. It means it can be 5 years for the motion to be debated and voted. That means maybe in the next 2 general elections;

Let's look from different angles, depending on where you are standing.

For BN (especially UNO), this motion can be a double edge sword. Wilst UMNO can boast to the rural Malays that they are in line to support Hadi's RUU 355 ammendments, they can simply make a u-turn to appease the non-Muslims by saying BN consensus will determine the fate of RUU 355. This will depend on who BN is addressing to and whose votes they need most.

For PAS, Hadi's private member's bill reflect their seriousness to strengthen syariah courts and whatever result needed can only be achieved with Muslims supporting PAS.

For collective opposition block, ammenments to RUU 355 is just another rhetorics from flip flop BN who will use anything possible to remain in power.

Remember when I mention purely academic? Why dis I say that :-

1. Since this is Hadi's private member's bill, what will happen when Hadi ceased to be an MP? Will this means ammendments to RUU 355 will face a natural death?
2. If it is Hadi's private bill, My opinion is the bill will meet an untimely demise if Hadi failed to continue to be an MP either by God's will or if he lost in the next GE;
3. 1MPM6 must call GE 14 wihin the year and there are not much sitting left. Apart from July sitting, Sept sitting will be more on budget. By the time it passed September (if GE 14 is not held by July 2017), BN will be busy propping their act to win over discahnted voters;
4. If Hadi or Takiyuddin or PAS lost big time in GE 14, who will pick up the torch for ammendments to RUU 355? I doubt BN will do that and I am very sure DAP will not. PKR is equally hesistant whilst Amanah is DAP's shadow. Bersatu is still too young to carry the burden;
5. When this happen, it is just purely academic to discuss ammendments to RUU 355 as judges will say "this will not happen and as such there is no need to think of crossing over the rive as we have not reached the river".

That said, despite the hoo haa and the on-off 1MPM6 support, ammendments to RUU 355 will be on the backburner for a long time to come.

Conclusion? Purely academic...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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