Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Of parallelism... Zimbabwe way

Nothing last forever...

For Mugabe, it takes 37 years, halfway impeachment proceedings to bring the grand ol' man down. It has to happen. Whilst Zimbabweans rejoice with now hopes, what about us 6 hours ahead of the African nation?

Frankly, I see it coming last week. It might be nostalgic, it might be heart-broken, it could be tear-jerking but finally the curtains comes down for Mugabe.

What happens in the African nation shows that no power is absolute and there is no absolute power nor can one dictates when he is coming or going.

Let's be brief here. There are many parallelism between Mugabe and our own in Malaysia. Consider these :-

1. Grace Mugabe is Mugabe's second marriage. So is our 1MPM6 and his second marriage;
2. Grace Mugabe leads an opulent life and lavish lifestyle. Ours is not far behind;
3. Grace Mugabe used to be Mugabe's typist(?) before they got hitched. 1MPM6 entertain the daily "visitor" when he was Pahang's MB;
4. Mugabe's children from his second marriage flaunt their wealth to the extent of pouring champagne on their Rolex wristwatch. Malaysia's 1MPM6's step-son flaunt his wealth investing in Red granite and a close friend of J Lo;
5. Zimbabwe slid from an African basket of wealth to a pariah state. Malaysia slipped from being one of Asian top nation to scratching the barrel under current leadership;

Whatever, let's pray that Malaysia did not has to go Zimbabwe way to get fresh and dynamic leaders to lead the nation.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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