Monday, April 19, 2010

P94: Nomination day photos...the way I see it

Some goes for drama, some goes for bragging rights, some choose financial rewards over substance...Me? I choose...

Yes, this is BN's candidate procession towards the nomination centre. Groupies are jostling for spaces to be within Muhyiddin's eyeview (which later injured Samy Vellu when he was pushed by BN's own supporters against the police-erected barbed wire barricade).

Pity Samy Vellu - not only he got his ego flattened by Muhyiddin days earlier, Kuala Kubu Baru "presented" him with bodily injury from his own supporters. Has BN supporters forgotten how Samy looks like?

The man with an identitiy crisis - Kamal@Alan@Nathan basking in instant glory, flanked by Muhyiddin, Liow TL, KJ.

8 days down the line, will he still be in the same league with them or will he be demoted to another subordinate member, waiting to please his political masters? Will they be Najib? Muhyiddin? Samy Vellu?

Or will he be another one of the faceless names loafing at the Mall ?

On PR's side, it is carnival-like atmosphere. When it's hot, all you have to do is open up the umbrella...and voila, all BN's misdeeds are there for others to read.

A misdeed for each panel. Will the umbrella make its way to be one of the top-sellers of 2010?

They say that "Black is beautiful" but will Najib/Rosmah be smiling if and when they see the umbrellas?

By-election aside, this is the time where activists come out and play.

This is from Rawang folks who are still angry with BN's approach on Rawang high tension project.

And yes, they do make their points and gain support from PR crowd.

Even Confucius has his day in Kuala Kubu Baru.

Interestingly, these Confucius banners came complete with Confucian chants.

For those Chinese illiterates, one of the sentence read something like "He will bring good and prosperity to all, regardless of who you are and what background you came from"

That's what my "official" translator told me...:)

Issues came in all sizes and forms and age. These activists brought issues regarding SRJK (Cina).

Remember the Damansara Chinese school issue? This time, these activists claim that there are more SRJK (Cina) schools closed than re-located.

My Chinese is getting better...:)

BN mampu berubah? Mampu saja tak membawa apa-apa erti. Tiada nilai!

Will it not be better if the slogan is written "BN sudah berubah"? Poor Najib! He paid millions to build his image and launch 1Malaysia concept but these guys could not even get simple things right...

Najib can forget about being the special 1. That has been taken by Jose Mourinho. He can also forget about being "The one", that is Jet Li's film.

And then, why choose "Pilihlah BN"? Wouldn't it be better if "Pangkahlah BN" is chosen instead?

Clearly, BN is One misguided party...tsk tsk...

Wanita UMNO? You want to pantun? Go ahead...You want to use pantun 2 kerat? OK...make my day...

But what is this? No rhyme! And you call yourselves "pejuang bangsa"? Shame on you....

Will it not be better if ? "Ayam den ayam selasih, Undilah BN terima kasih"

Aiyaa! Why KJ never advise these wanita? Or is KJ eyeing on Puteris' only? Even if KJ could not offer any advise, where is WJ when BN needs him? MIA? Or is he AWOL?

Whatever it is, NC is a man of peace and a natural Nature lover.

It would be wonderful if the police rounded up all those rowdy hecklers from both BN and PR and dip them in Sungai Pertak...

I am sure the cold and refreshing water will do wonders to cool down tempers...

But one thing for sure... I saw few nice cool dames that day. Well! my gain is your loss...:)

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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