Friday, October 19, 2007

Of Eid Mubarrak, King, Politician...

Although 1st Syawal has been celebrated on 13th October, 2007, it is not too late to wish all Eid Mubarrak. However, in Malaysia Eid Mubarrak is celebrated quite differently this year...

1st HRH the King, as usual celebrated the 1st Syawal with his subjects in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur before flying down to his homestate on 2nd Syawal to pay respect to his late father in the Royal mouseluem of Ladang, Terengganu. And barely a week later, the de Facto Law Minister Nazri fired the first warning shot reminding all and sundry that the King has to listen to the PM's advise regarding the extension of Chief Justice service. The statement was clearly objected by others, a day later. So, which is which?

Looking back, the issue was blown up when the lingamgate tape was uploaded into utube where a prominent lawyer was seen and heard talking on the phone discussing the appointments of senior lawyers, of which one of the names mentioned is the current Chief Justice of Malaysia. Is the tape authentic ? Who tape it ? Malaysian lawyers and opposition parties as well as NGOs demanded a Royal commission but the Government under the present PM is dragging their feet and instead set up an independent panel. After 3 weeks of its formation, the panel is still groping in the dark like a headless chicken with no direction and objective.

Now, looking back there is also another new issue on the issue that is bigger than the extension of CJ's service.
This issue has been purposely hidden between the lines but sooner will get the public with their pants down..the issue of the ever increasing fuel price. The Minister in charge has pre-warned the public on the possibility vide his statement on 17th October 2007. And how much is the fuel price increment? Nobody wants totalk about it now. Instead, everyone is focussing on the rumour that the General election is coming..soon.

The plot thicken and this time the nightcaller will be around regularly to give his 2 cents comments

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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