Monday, October 22, 2007

Of Ali, Abdullah and I don't read...

On the first schooling day after Eid Mubarrak, it is unsettling to read the news of PM claiming ignorance to PPP's, one of BN's component party, request to regain their lost seats come the next General election.

Abdullah Badawi, for reasons best known to him, has openly declared that he has not read the letter from PPP's President, Deputy Minister Kayveas, on their request to regain their 4 Parlimentary seats and 12 state seats which they had won in 1969. Funny thing is Kayveas made the claims 38 years later. The question is, has Kayveas finally gather his nerves to make the demands to PM? Is this a sign that PM's is not as strong as what he is perceived to be ? Will Kayveas made the same demands if the PM is other than Abdullah Badawi? After all, one of UMNO's vice President has openly make a statement that if PPP does not like how they are treated, they can always leave the BN. And to top it all, Kayveas claims that he sent the letter in March 2007 but PM has not read it in October 2007, after 8 months!!!! Incompetent? Unimportant?? Trivial issue??? U decide. If something of this importance has not been attended by PM after 8 months, then what about the promises made during the past election??? Just toppings to win over the votes??

Kayveas, being Kayveas, runs to PM and reported on UMNO's vice President remarks during the recently concluded PPP's annual general meeting. Is Kayveas playing with fire ? Or is he personnaly making the statement to corner PM to one corner, hoping to force PM to grant PPP's demand of extra parlimentary seats come the next General election ?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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