Saturday, September 01, 2007

Of 50 years down the lane...

31st August 2007 is a significant date, a date where Malaysia celebrates it's 50th year independence. At 50, Malaysia should be matured and Malaysians should be able to act as a nation, ready to launch forward into a more progressive country.

However, what happens indicates that Malaysians are far from matured. The incident involving the referee of a sports competition held in Malaysia potrays the immaturity of the enforcement agency in handling situations.

Apart from that, the growing discontent against the present PM is getting louder and louder. Notwithstanding the percentage of truth in the accusation, the facts remained that there is a party who is reaping profits from the so called monsoon cup. And that particular person does not hail from the state of Terengganu where the Monsoon cup is held.

50 years on, there is a growing concern on the difference in culture between the major etnics composition of Malaysia. There should be a concerted effort for all parties, from the NGO's, the political parties to sit down and formulated a Malaysian nation, where citizens can be proud of - the same as they are proud to write Malaysian as their nationality when travelling overseas.

Against all that, there is also a growing anticipation of the next General election where the date has been shifting regularly, like those of the desert sandstorm.

Whatever it is...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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