Saturday, March 03, 2007

Of events leading to NFA...

Lately, the Malaysian media is playing on the supposedly accusation that the current Director General (DG) of Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) is amassing properties beyond his capabilities based on his monthly drawn income and the police report regarding his sexual misconduct of 1997.

A flurry of media exchanges from the Attorney General (AG), the Police No 1 (IGP), The Chairman of Select Committee and even the Prime Minister circulated and base on the media preference, it will either be highlighted or carried on as a supplementary news.

However, it is interesting to note that although the initial accusation was made early on by one of the outgoing ACA officers, the headlines were only made when the oppossition raised the issue in the ceramahs. It will not do so if this is not highlighted by the opossition and relentless echoed by the bloggers.

And yet the end of the tunnel has been indicated by the Malaysian PM from Yemen with his statement that the DG of ACA has been vetted twice and by two different government agency provides the clear signs that the DG will be scot free. At most, the Government will set up another committee to review the processes of vetting top civil servants.

All in all, the events will be a drama of sorts stemming from the miscommunications between the Police and the Attorney General (and that's why the investigation papers were neglected for the past few years), the oversight from both the Police and ACA vetting processes (due to insufficient documented proof), the wrong advise and recommendation to the PM (due to the insufficient time as the PM is always abroad - :) , the non-executive power of the Select Committee (as they can only call for hearing but cannot pass any judgement) - the results shall be NFA (No Further ACtion) stamped on the file folder and laid to rest.

And at least the Government has something better to do that is to scrutinise and to provide recommendations on what the DJ Linda Onn shouldwear at the Grammys...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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