Friday, February 23, 2007

Of feeling good economy and broken promises...

For the past few days, the mainstrem news are harping on the leaps and bounds of Malaysian economy with share index breaching the 13 year old record. Despite the cautious assessment of alternative news, the Prime Minister responded that the economy is genuinely taking a turn for the better.

And returning from Jakarta, another news awaits the good time economy...that of Malaysian Government offering India to bid for the double track project between Seremban and Gemas, where the portion was initially packaged by China related companies (CREC) before the project was shelved due to controversies surrounding the award of the project to MMC-Gamuda.

It seems that the circle is coming to full cycle with a twist here and there. And yet, the role of CREC or China is unclear. When or rather what will the Malaysian government offer to China? Or is it going to be another broken promises and empty talks to camourflage the fact that MMC-Gamuda is already putting their proposal for the northern portion of the project?

Or maybe the Malaysian Prime Minister is still in cloud nine if what RPK writes is true and Malaysia will be introduced to a new Mrs PM. In the meantime, the Malaysian bloggers are keenly following the cases involving Rocky and Jeff.

Me? All this is making me sleepy so till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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