Sunday, April 22, 2007

Of Ijok and the Iraqi wall...

The recent nomination for the Ijok by-election clearly demonstrate that even close to the capital city of Putrajaya, the Election Commission (EC) has failed to carry out their duty fairly, without fear and favour.

The bottle throwing contest between the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) and the opposition (PKR) reveals that leaders from both sides has failed to control their supporters. Even worse, the situation deterioarates further with the proddings from the so-called second echelon leaders.

And yet on the weekend mainstream papers, photos of the second echelon leaders riding the motorcyle clearly show his disrespect towards the law. First, he did not put on the safety helmets. Second, his pillion rider did not wear the helmet and lastly, did he has a valid license?

And then again, the roughening to the PKR candidate and independent photographers by the BN workers is totally uncalled for. BN, with all its machinery and political heavyweight should not resort to the gangsterism style to get the votes.

And all in a sudden, the Chief Minister of Selangor decided to adapt Ijok. Why now? And now the lighting posts are coming in, the roads are tarred, the potholes are filled.

Away from the local issues drummed up for the by-election, the spotlight is on the Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) on the muder case of the Mongolian model. Rightly or not, the case offer an extra weight for the DPM to carry in his capacity to retain the seat for BN. Fortunately, the PKR candidate considers the Mongolian model's case is a non-issue in Ijok.

Internationally, is there another wall going up after the Berlin wall? USA is constructing a dividing wall in Baghdad to separate the Sunnis and the Shias. Is this the best solution? Or Uncle Sam is sowing the seed oh hatred and mistrust between the two religous factions of Islam?

Datelined 22nd April '07, the Iraqi PM has ordered the wall construction separating the Sunnis and the Shias to be abandoned, This is after numerouos protest and comments received during his tour to the neighboring Arab countries. Funny, how Uncle Sam is taking the cuefrom the Israelis on soving sectarian violence as parallel to the approach made by Israel government to avert suicide bombers.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...