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Of 901: Scenarios, hope, despair and...

901. It will be another milestone in Malaysian history. One thing for sure, 901 is not another Levis pair of jeans. Not this time, anyway.

It is no secret that both Saiful and Anwar are banking on their scores of supporters for last minute psycho warfare. Saiful is relying on Perkasa, Perkida to offset PKR's planned 100K rally.

Whatever it is, my heart is with judge Mohamad Zabidin who has the difficult task to deliver his judgement. On the surface, judge Zabidin has 3 choice :-

1. Anwar guilty and sentenced;
2. Anwar innocent and released;
3. Conditional discharge not amounting to acquital

Whilst PKR, Perkasa and Perkida are busy preparing for special prayers, I believe judge Zabidin will also has hos own special prayer, istikarah praying to the One God that his decision is the correct one.

Judge Zabidin is one brave soul who may or may not be influenced by his surrounding, family and peers in coming to his judgement. Unfortunately for Zabidin, he did not has the pleasure to make the judgement basod on Islamic laws. If I am judge Zabidin, whom I am not, I would have make a one sentence verdict - "Pass the case to syariah court and let the case be heard in Islamic court" Period.

And why do I come to this conclusion? Well, I have the pleasure to hear Muhammad Kazim Elias's VCD on slander. To me, sodomy II borders on slander and I have no interest to be part of it. It is just another ploy and plan to put the opposition icon in jail and to effectively end his political career. Unfortunately Saiful is the sacrificial lamb on this delicate plot.

That does not absolve Anwar on any wrongdoing. If he really did what Saiful claimed Anwar did, then Anwar is not the leader we want to lead Malaysia to new heights. This is not UK or USA where what one did in his personal capacity is separated from what he did in his public life. Malaysia has been blessed to be a multi racial, multi religous country with Islam as the official religion and Anwar claiming his kalimah shahadah (and that means Saiful too) should lead a life befitting of a Muslim.

Back to Muhammad Kazim and his slander video, if Caliphate Osman was murdered because of a poison letter (slander) which leads to more than 140,000 dead, then Anwar's case is not that far off. If Anwar is wrongly accused to protect one's political career, then this is a political crime to 22 million Malaysians who deserves the right to know the truth. For those interested, you can hear Muhammad Kazim's video in the youtube.

Anwar's case is complicated because there are those who want to make it complicated. But what I fear more is when Anwar is found innocent. Would that place him under the influence of Karpal Singh and his team of lawyers? If that happens, then will we be getting a puppet named Anwar?

Judge Zabidin's task is actually easy if he choose to stay neutral and not coerced for a BN-friendly judgement. The evidence seems to place multiple doubts to the prosecutor's accusation. By right, the prosecutor has to prove beyond doubts that Anwar did really sodomise the victim. In this case, the main witness is suspect. Did he make the acussation to win some favours from 1mPM6 Najib's office? Is he trying to get some financial assistance to pursue his study? Did he do it because he needs to go back to tertiary studies? Or did he do it because he wants to be famous?

As I say, my heart is with judge Zabidin and whilst the majority of us will either be praying for Anwar or for Saiful, I will make the third choice ie to pray for Judge Zabidin to be given the wisdom and strength to deliver his judgement and at the end of the day coming out feeling satisfies that he has done his best based on all the evidences presented to him and feeling the euphotia of passing judgement in line with Islam.
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After serious thought, PDRM is not making things easy when they decided to limit PKR's rally to 5000. This was not discussed before. Is this a well rehear
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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