Friday, May 16, 2008

Of PAM, VKL, HDC and...

Even before the dust settles, another prominent Sabah politician drops a bombshell. Pandikan Amin Mulia (PAM) has quit his post as the UMNO chief of Kota Marudu to "concentrate" on his role as speaker of Dewan Rakyat. This news was flash in rockybru's blog. Star carry out the report here.

Is that the beginning and a signal of the much anticipated exodus of elected representatives to the opposition side ? And if that happens, and if 30 or more elected representatives choose to switch their allegiance, does that mean the loose cooperation of the so called "Pakatan Rakyat" will be able to form a new government ? And if that happens, will the Dewan Negara, comprising of Senators will mirror those of Dewan Rakyat ? The plot thickens as the days go by...

On another front, MSN reported that the report presented by Royal Commission fora prominent lawyer (VKL) shall be discussed during the weekly Cabinet meeting. Amongst other, it is expected that the proposals by the Royal commission shall also be discussed at depth during th emeeting. This VKL issue may be used by AAB to divert the attention of public from the more critical PAM's resignation as UMNO division head and possibly heads off any domino effect. Updated news as reported in Malaysiakini the de facto law minister Zaid has announced that the report shall be made public and follows the commission proposal to investigate a few including former premier MM.

AAB is capitalising on VKL issue as a smokescreen for the Halal Industry Development Corp (HDC) fiasco that may explodes in AAB (and SIL's face). Again Rockybru highlight the HDC issue here ,.
Dr Ghazie Ismail, SVP of HDC responded to the article by commenting on it. Someone remarked that one of the Directors for HDC is related to SIL. Let the experts out there trace the family tree.

As if this is not enough, Lawyer Kampung blogs on the newsreport in Harian Sinar where the former MB of Terengganu, Datuk Seri Ideris Jusoh (UMNO man) denied knowledge that Terengganu oil royalty is in the tune of RM 2.45 billion yearly compared to the State record of only RM 1.4 billion. AAB may have a tough time explaining this to Terengganu UMNO liason on the shortage of RM 3.15 billion (for the period covering 2003 to 2007).

Looks like AAB is going to have nightmares before December 2008 comes visiting or maybe AAB will be out of job by then...and joins the rich and famous unemployed club, either in Australia or crusing in Turkey via AA way.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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