Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Of hearsay, shifting and...

Karpal Singh, the DAP Chairman landed himself into another hotsoup when the royal court of Selangor rebuked him for his statement implying that the Selangor ruler interfered with the executive matters of the state. Karpal, in his statement on 12th May '08 has denied that he utter words to that effect but however he will check back on his notes regarding the issue. Rebutting all this, Karpal claims that it is UMNO that disrespect the Rulers i.e. Sultans.

This come barely days after he made a statement questioning the Perak ruler's decree to the Menteri Besar to rescind the transfer order of a senior civil servant. UMNO was quick to capitalise and to politices the whole issue when police reports were lodged against Karpal Singh. Lim Kit Siang, of DAP responded strongly when he mentioned that it is a dangerous precedent for AAB to pressure the AG charge Karpal in court court for sedition.

As previously mentioned in this blog, Karpal's acts will isolate him from the Malays. He should may well understand that the March tsunami of Malaysian politics are resultants of the peoples' awareness that all parties need to co-operate together and he should not read it as a shifting of thoughts and political ideology. It is a summation of contributory factors thathappens at the right time.

On another front, UMNO celebrated their so claimed 62nd birthday on Sunday 11th May '08. Looking at the pictures, it is unclear who the real supremo in UMNO and it looks more like backstabbing session will be in session soon.

With parliment currently in session, the SIL has started to potray his true self when he started giving new acronym to PKR, the party led by Wan Azizah.

Is this a clear signal that UMNO is getting restless with talks and rumours flying around regarding the possible "hopping" of elected Members of Parliments crossing over to the opposition.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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