Monday, February 14, 2011

Of MLCM's role in SNAP-UBF combination...

  1. OK. Let's not jump the gun...literally but SNAP-UBF-MCLM joint conference this 16th Feb 2011 should be something to look forward to.
  2. Will this joint conference announce a electoral pact for Sarawak? As Sarawak and Sabah are fiercely territorial in nature, it will be a breath of fresh air if SNAP-UBF-MLCM announce their so-operation to topple Sarawak's Hosni Mubarak who goes by the name of Taib Mahmud. Mind you that this monicker is not mine but Tun Mahathir's...
  3. MCLM will find a better home in Sarawak compared to Peninsular Malaysia. Why? Although MLCM's ideals are universal in nature but politicians are a breed of their own and like or not MLCM is not 100 % politicians. MLCM are idealist...
  4. All eyes are now towards Taib's April's inspiration with PR coalition scrambling for seats. However, let's be realistic here; DAP may leave it's marks in urban areas like Kuching, PKR's internal squabblings will yet again drag PR down. PAS? The party has a moral duty to stand in rural areas where Muslims make up the numbers but the party's influence in Sarawak is too negligible and the party's chances of winning seats there is almost zero.
  5. That means Sarawak born and bred SNAP together with UBF needs to come forward to be the opposition torch bearers. For this to work, SNAP-UBF needs MLCM's passion for justice to spread the word, exposing Taib's 30 years' mismanagement.
  6. Not only that, MLCM's expertise in legal aspects and rights is essential to protect the opposition party workers from being harrassed and bullied.
  7. So far, MLCM has not introduce possible candidates for Sarawak and this means that MLCM can channel all its resources to play the supporting role for SNAP-UBF combination. DAP, PKR and PAS has its own political machineries which is more than capable to handle situations.
  8. MLCM, through its experience, should know by now that PKR is like a runaway train, with no clear driver to negotiate turns and bends. Anwar, PKR's de-facto leader has his hands full with sodomy II. With that, MLCM can call on other NGOs' and associations aid to boost up the SNAP-UBF combination.
  9. That's how I see it. 16th February will prove me wrong but at least that's what I hope for... it ain't much... and it's practical. What say you, O mighty MLCM man of Damansara...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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Anonymous said...

Frankly, I do hope that MCLM can find a real NGO in Sarawak to assist. Of course, I have my greatest doubt on their ability however good their intention is#
Perhaps, we should go back in history to look up on one man who is much revered even from UMNO. His name is Tan Chee Koon. By now, you should have known that Tan has made foray into Sarawak with Pekemas....Yet, it's not making any headway
# Though my hearts with SNAP, lets face it....Most members are the Old Guards from the past who are thinking of reliving past glory.....SNAP has been around since beginning......If you start to condemn PKR as headless chicken, you would be shocked when you look at SNAP history......With SNAP, comes 3 parties....The defunct PBDS, PRS & SPDP
# Seriously, MCLM should open both eyes if they decided to put all eggs in one basket SNAP....I agree DAP has been focussing on urban areas.....Think of it, DAP is the only political party that has been extremely consistent in Borneo's politics
# Frankly, not too long ago, SNAP is as good as dead....If SNAP can be seen as arisen to the occasion....You think DAP doesn't....Or PKR would be doomed forever
# My suggestion to MCLM comes in 2 folds. Deal with all opposition parties in Sarawak & not just dictating which local party should lead. Second, besides offering impeccable candidates, RPK should ask himself....How he's gonna get rural supports
# Who to get the support of Felda, rural dayaks, sabah bumis.....It's meaningless to convert the already converted....Worst still splitting it further without denting the mighty BN
# Oh by the way, PAS should keep as low profile as possible on borneo states....Remember, in 2 states, Islam is not the State religion