Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Taib Mahmud : And the pillar is fatihah

  1. Laila Taib, the wife of Taib Mahmud (Sarawak chief minister), passed away this afternoon succumbing of terminal cancer.
  2. Taib Mahmud, was away in the state administrative district of Petrajaya, together with 1 Malaysia DPM.
  3. After 50 years of marriage, Taib Mahmud has lost his pillar of strength and source of aspiration.
  4. This is not the time to bash Taib Mahmud in his time of sorrow. Put aside the differences, temporarily and for those who profess Islam as their religion, please spare a moment of silence and sedekah "al fatihah" and doa that her soul will be placed with the mukmins.
  5. For those interested, she will be laid to rest at Demak Muslim cementery tomorrow at 11 am.
  6. For Taib Mahmud, it is time to take stock of life. As God is great, in His compassion and benovelence, He will give chance for humans to repent. Sometimes, in our haste, we forget that the Creator is always there.
  7. In our glory, we lost sight that our existence is to serve humankind, in line with His will. As humans, our vulnurability to power, influence and power creates diatance between us and the Creator. And at times, God in His own way will remind us that we are merely His subjects.
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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