Friday, April 03, 2009

Sarawak N29 : Round 5...BN no show

Maybe to BN campaign workers, 50 is a small number.Too small for PBB senior Vice President, Awang Tengah Ali Hasan. That's what happen to one of the 21 Iban resettlement longhouses Rumah Jenggi near the Batang Ai hydro-electric dam.

After waiting in vain for Awang Tengah, the crowd listen to PKR's state assemblyperson for Ngemah, Gabriel Adit.

What BN seems to overlook is the fact that this particular longhouse is one of the 21 Uban resetllement longhouses near Batang Ai hydroelectric dam. Total electorate for the combine 21 Iban longhouse is 2000 or almost 20 % of Sarawak N29 electorates.

It seems that BN is handing N29 Batang Ai to PKR on a silver platter. BN don't care of the sentiment of Ibans. BN is sending a message that the longhouse dwellers can wait till kingdom come, BN just don't give a hoot of their needs and requirements.

Bye-bye BN...if you feel that Ibans are not important to you, let Ibans show their collective strength. Give PKR a chance. Vote PKR !

Round 5...goes to rakyat..

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Hamba said...

BN, UMNO and also Taib Mahmud have NEVER cared about the people! NEVER EVER! 50 YEARS IS LONG ENOUGH TO SEE THEIR TRUE COLORS!

nightcaller said...

Dear Hamba...

The first step is to acknowledge BN's and Taib Mahmud's failure to develop Sarawak and their "never care" attitude towards the Rakyat.

Now, we all have to work hard to translate the Rayat's discontent into votes for PKR. Everybody has a role, no matter how big or no matter how small.

For the voters, their role starts at the ballot box...