Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Terengganu revisited : Of the duped and the big headed...

Terengganu politicians are a funny lot. That's my impression of Terengganu politicians post 2008. How can 3 elected reps duped by a clerk? First there was rumblings about the vote of no confidence to Ahmad Said. Then followed by SMS death threats to 3 elected reps who in turn has undivided symphathy from 7 of their colleagues which then turned out to be 18 out of 24 BN elected reps.

From thereon, the 18 churned out accusations of Ahmad Said's shortcomings including that of appointing ambulance driver and teachers to GLCs'. What is wrong in appointing them to head the GLCs' if they are honest, sincere, performing and meeting the KPIs' set out by the state? Terengganu has its shares of "well and over qualified" people helming the GLCs' and in the end these are the same people who rob the coffers dry.

One of the 3 duped rep, Abdul Halim Jusoh, came out with a "not so clever" statement that the division heads are not involved with the political crisis. Hello! the division heads represent the members aspiration and the elected reps are there because of the political members, not because of their capability and ability. If Abd Halim is adamant that he is there because of his popularity, please step down and see whether he is as popular as when he is the elected rep. For all purpose and intent, he can even resign his post and see how he fare when he stands as an independent. He might even lost his deposit.

Back to the clerk who duped the 3 elected rep. He must be another McGyver, able to clone SIM card, manage to dupe the 3 elected rep and almost singlehandedly brought down the Terengganu state government. And for that, Ahmad Said should be offering him to head one of Terengganu's GLCs'. With his creativity, that GLC will be raking in profits - huge profits.

The 2nd duped rep, Rosol Wahid, used to be the UMNO state secretary. If he is easily being duped by a clerk, see how vulnerable and fragile Rosol Wahid is. In 2008, he has openly declare that he will be vacating his seat if Idris Jusoh is not reappointed as the Terengganu MB. Well, Idris Jusoh is not reappointed, where is Rosol's resignation letter? If a man's reputation is on his actions and deeds, what reputation do Rosol has when he can't even honour his own declaration? And yet, this is the man who thinks he is MB material...

The wannabe MB

Even if the 18 managed to oust Ahmad Said, the hidden hand in Federal will work hard to get his man appointed as the next MB of Terengganu...and that person is

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