Monday, March 30, 2009

Sarawak N29: Its goodies grants, ICT etc

For Sarawak, BN is using its ageless strategy - buy out the voters. 8 months to Christmas and yet the elves are showering Batang Ai with goodies.

Sarawak's Minister of Land Development James Masing is giving tar-seal roads for Batang Ai. The value ? RM50 million for 7km Lemanak Road and anotherRM 12M for 10km ring road in Batang Ai

Not enough? What about PRS's president (James Masing) visited Rumah Sandah, Sg. Ara on 21 March 2009 (Sat) and promised each of the 946 people a sum of RM500. That's RM 473 000. A small sum to some but an awfull lot of money to others.

Not to be outdone, Joseph Salang, PRS information chief and deputy water, energy and communications minister, repeated – RM6 million for the setting up of five communications towers and RM2 million for the community broadband centre.

In short, RM 70.5M worth of projects and goodies dangling for Batang Ai. And this is just the beginning. How much more will BN splash for Batang Ai?

If this how much the elves are showering, just imagine the amount when Santa drops in...

So far, BN may be leading the race but sooner or later PR will catch up and hopefully pips BN at the finishing line. Batang are Sarawak's hopes now. Be true to yourselves and stands with dignity. Say "no" to BN...

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