Monday, March 30, 2009

Kedah N 25: And the spin begins...resignations, defections

BN is back to its old spinning ways. Last night, BN claims that most of the Indian independents are frustrated PKR members. And yet, one of the Indi independents is a wanita PPP chief. Is BN telling us that PPP is not a member of BN anymore?

And by the way, Samy Vellu is there in Bukit Selambau during the nomination process. Where is M Kayveas? Where are the PPP leaders? What about IPF? Where are they? Should it not be MIC, PPP and IPF championing their causes more in Kedah N25?

And by afternoon, Malaysiakini reported that B Kalaivanar resigned from his PKR post. Main reason? He claimed that PR has not done enough for the Indians. Actual and hidden reason? He was overlooked as PKR candidate for Kedah N25. Period.

Malaysian insider reported that Kalai openly throws his support behind BN candidate. So, what else is new? Kalai claimed that 400 of his supporters will be joining him in his act of supporting Bn candidate.

The mass exodus claims of so called opposition leaders during any by-election is expected. That will not be the only one. It will be amongst the first one to be reported. Kalaivanar's resignation is actually working wonders for PR. This is a self cleaning act and also proves that no one is indispensable. Kalai may go, there will be more better Kalais taking his place.

Soon, it will show that Kalai's actions is more of kids throwing tantrums. Good luck and good riddance, Kalai. Who wants to be next?

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