Friday, March 06, 2009

Of fairness : Reality and expectation...

Every Malaysian, irrespective of age, gender, social status or religion, enjoyed equal rights. - Raja of Perlis.
Sounds familiar? That is what it should be. But is it? Only 3 years ago, Ahmad Hafizal Ahmad Fauzi was sentenced to 14 days of jail because he could not afford to pay RM 600. His conviction? Skipping the Nasional Service (PLKN). Why can't he pay the fine? For a simple reason that he can't afford to pay the fine since his earning is only RM 20 per day.

Back then, the office of the then MB Perlis arrange for his release and promise to provide technical training to this lad who has to quit school at 12 years old in order to help his single parent mother to support the family.

Fast forward 3 years later, another 17 year old Diana Danielle Danny Beeson choose to skip PLKN just because she has some film shooting. And for those who don't know who Diana Danielle is, she is the ex GF of Yusof Haslam's on. Remember the one who claimed she was slapped by her bf?

So what does this say? The system is only good and fair for those with class and those with power.

Another case in point, the long and winding trial on the Mongolian model's murder. Although it has been a year since the trial started, the judge will only give his verdict on 9th April. And what about the news from Liberation, France claiming that they have new leads regarding the murder? I am not saying that the news are true but should it be investigated? What about the posting in Malaysia Today regarding the case? Will someone come forward to ascertain or deny the news? This is for the future of Malaysia and it should be fair if those mentioned in the news to come forward and state their version. Hiding in UK will not do any good. And by the way, is it cheap to stay in London? And as usual, this news are not covered in the MSM ....yet.

Talking about fairness gain. What happens to the investigation on A Kugan's death? Even UMNO youth is asking. To be fair to the police, the investigation papers are now in AG's hands.

Fairness is subjective. Do we say it's fair if MB Nizar suceeds in meeting HRH Sultan Perak and convince the Sultan to dissolve Perak state assembly? Is it fair to charge policemen, for being overzealous in discharging their duties? Is it fair if only 1 senior aide to the Minister was question by MACC for possible RM 70,000 graft?

So, my friends, tell me what is your expectation on the level of fairness...

Before signing off, heartfelt condolence to the family of Zubir Ali who passed away today...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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