Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good Samaritan: Endangered species...

What do you do when you have flat tyre? Or heated engine? Or accident? Yes, you pray for a good samaritan or samaritans to stop by to give you a lending hand. Their mere presence gives you moral uplift.

But Samaritans, although many out there, is an endangered species. Not because of disturbed habitats nor because of lack of upbringing. They are an endangered species because of the existence of prowlers who prey on unsuspected Samaritans.

Case in point is what happen recently in Bandar Mahkota Cheras when two unsuspecting Samaritans were waved down along the roadside by two persons. They stopped to help and what they got in return is being robbed of their valuables and personal belongings with the 20 year old lady companion later raped by two of the eight robbers. It is believed that the robbers are non-Malaysians.

Another case in point, although not as serious, is when a caring National Trainee colleague dressed down his 6 Muslim colleagues for playing truant to evening prayers. And mind you that this NS trainee is a non-Muslim! What did he get for his sincere effort? A bashing in the face with the food tray. By the way, this happen in Mantin, Negri Sembilan. And this is no 17 year old ordinary guy. He scored 11A1's in the recent announced SPM!

In Terengganu, a lady, a snatch thief victim, was in coma when her motorcycle skidded whilst in pursuit of her snatch thieves. She is 19. It is also belived that she had seek public help to chase the snatch thieves.

Three different locations, all involving young adults. All are our future leaders. Are we, as a society, degrading to an extent that nobody is safe for being a Samaritan? What would you feel, if you are stuck with problems and the Samaritans did not stop to offer help? Are we going leaning towards an indifferent society? Do we have to discard all the good things that our parents thought us, since "prevention is better than cure"? And leave everything to the authorities to handle?

Samaritans is an endangered species. Unless the crime spree is seriously tackled, good samaritans will be a thing of the past...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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