Thursday, March 12, 2009

Of sweet 17 : SPM and beyond...

Now that the SPM results are officially out, some may have cried with joy whilst more may be silently crying for better results. SPM, is the first branch off to future careers. Pass with flying colours and the world is there opening their arms to embrace you. And for those who don't, there are many career paths that will also lead you to future success. And with this, another additional 443,000 will be looking for jobs in the coming years. How many of this 443,000 will get the chance to further their studies? I guess blogger Nobisha's child who scored 10As' will be one of the lucky few who can go study abroad, depending on what the child applied for.

Mentioning application, there will be many government and private entities who will be offering scholarship to successful students. However, please make sure that the application forms are properly filled. A point to note that Petronas give extra credit points to Petronas employees immediate relatives, although I did not see the reason why they should be given that extra mileage. PNB offers limited places to top of the cream students whilst JPA have their own vetting system. Gamuda normally reserves places for non-bumis although their Chairman is a Bumiputra.

At tender age of 17 going to 18, SPM school leavers are at the threshold of their youth. Too young to make decisions and yet old enough to suffer the consequence of wrong choice. The long waiting period of more than 3 months to get SPM results is actually robbing the youths of getting a quick start to pursue their dreams. Some may be called to attend the NS trainees, some may opt for temporary jobs as cashiers, waiters, ushers in fast food restaurants and even work as daily paid workers toiling the land. And how did Diana Danielle fare in her SPM? Straight As' ?

For some fortunate few, the waiting period were spent to gain extra knowledge, gain basic working experience, learn on the cultures and customs of other races or attend private college courses either locally or abroad. What about the rest? Were they hibernating? Waking up late in the morning without purpose in life?

From now on, most will be busy scanning the msm and advertisements matching their results with the courses available whilst some will be opting to join the already shrinking job market. Few will be drowning their sorrow in liquor, drugs and cheap thrills pulling them further from society.

In short, SPM leavers are no longer the sweet 17 we once knew. With 11 years of education under their belts, are they ready to take on the world? Are they ready to face the global expectations?

To these "Young ones"
Que sera sera,
whatever will be will be....
the future's not us to see,
Que sera sera....

And tomorrow, we see what the Federal court says on Joseph Kurup appeal. Another by election, perhaps?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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