Tuesday, March 17, 2009

For Ali Rustam : The end is here...what now?

This morning newspaper hints on the coming shocker. Even Karpal "Singh is King" Singh's sedition charge is mild compared to the anticipated 4 pm announcement by UMNO's Disciplinary board. By 3.00 pm, several police personnels and FRU were seen at PWTC, taking up positions, just in case. Then the bombshell ' Ali Rustam barred from contesting UMNO's no 2 post whilst KJ, although guilty, was served with a warning letter...What goes? Where to now?

1. A friend in Temerloh asked aloud about Norza Zakaria's case. The thing is Norza was charged in court of greasing one delegate from Temerloh. By right, the delegate should be the Prosecutor's witness, right? The question is - if he is the prosecutor's witness, what was he doing opening the door to the court for Norza Zakaria the day Norza was charged? Has the witness turn sides? You tell me...

2. When the same friend was informed of UMNO's disciplinary board decision on Ali Rustam, he openly predicted that Ali will declare that Melaka will turn PR state from tomorrow onwards. Possible? Just as an act of defiance against the decision ? Will this happen? I say wishful thinking because Ali Rustam is a die hard UMNO supporter and member through and through. However, for the sake of argument, let's assume that that is possible, what then?

3. If Ali Rustam openly declare that Melaka is PR state from tomorrow onwards, will another Perak happen? Will Melaka be reverted back to BN within a week? Like what Nasarudin did to Anwar? Will Anwar be fooled for the second time?

4. Will Khalil Yaakob accept Ali's decision to turn the state to PR? Afterall, he is the Governor of Melaka, is he not? And most important, he hails from Pahang, the same state as NTR. Will he let Ali turn Melaka into PR?

5. Will the present Melaka DUNs' agree to Ali's turnover? Will they change and "sembah derhaka" to PM2B? Most likely not, considering Melaka has no sultanate decision and thus unable to "derhaka". Will there be a "silent" aspiring DUN who wish that Ali will turn PR so that this particular DUN can grab the CM's post by eliminating Ali? It should not be difficult now since Ali has been painted as a leader who indulge in "corrupt" practise, albeit through his appointed agents.

6. Will Ali openly declare his support for M2Taib? And in doing so, urge his supporters to vote for M2T? Ali's and M2T's supporters will overwhelmed Muhyiddin's supporters. Will we see M2T raise his arms in victory come PAU?

7. What if Ali urge his supporters to leave the ballot paper for no 2 post blank? And the return blank ballot papers is more than the Muhyiddin's or M2T's? What will be PAU's reaction? Will NTR accept that silent protest? UMNO is in need of reforms, so if that is what Ali do, can it be accepted?

8. Will Ali appeal to the disciplinary board? Will the disciplinary board recommend that Ali be pardoned? Will Ali be pardoned in time to contest?

9. What is Ali turn defiance? Ali will not, it is not his nature to be "Mr Unlikeable". But if in the heat of the moment, he did, MACC might be ready to pounce on him with prepared charges in hand. Will Ali fight for his political survivor? Or will he turn timid? Being from Melaka, I wish to believe Ali will be fighting all the way. But alas, he will not. Ali do not enough guts to fight.

10. If Ali is indeed guilty, shouldn't he resign from his CM's post? How can he perform when he has been proven to be unethical, as claimed by Tg Ahmad Rithaudeen. This is Ali's chance to rise in UMNO's rank. Why must he be stopped now, in this final lap? Why couldn't the disciplinary board announce earlier? In this a pre-meditated move? When AAB is outside? When Muhyiddin is outside?

11. Why can't the disciplinary board act like the "big walk" umpire? Give running warning during the campaign trail, once, twice before slapping them with the ban to contest?

12. And what about the special treatment to KJ? Is it another pre-meditated move to see KJ lost in the youth chief election? By declaring him guilty but allowing him to contest? What if he wins? Will the disciplinary board return and declare KJ banned from holding the post?

13. UMNO is at the crossroads. Yes, UMNO needs to reform but the reforms should be consistent. Any "selective" prosecution will drag UMNO further down. UMNO will lost its credibility more if it is seen to be practising double standards. If UMNO can practise double standard to its members, then nothing can stop them from practising double or triple standard to the masses.

It is no secret that Malaysia needs a strong UMNO. UMNO can only be strong if, in this case, its members accept the decision of the disciplinary board, But will they? Can they?

That, my friends, is my first thoughts on the disciplinary board's decision to ban Ali Rustam from contesting. I may not support Ali but at least, I think Ali should be given the chance to contest and let UMNO members decide whether they can accept Ali as their no 2 leader...

To my Temerloh friend, I will blanja u makan ayam kampong goreng at Kg Baru tomorrow when you visit KL.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


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