Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Of Times and the Australian : Why NTR...why now?

It all started with French Liberation newspaper around 5th March. Subsequently Time, UK pick up the story on 22nd March followed by the Australian . The big question here is : Who is Rupert Murdoch's stable of newspapers' actual target? Razak Baginda, NTR or some hidden hands?

MP Jeff "screenshot" Ooi's initial posting raises more questions. Is Australia hitting us through Rubert Murdoch? Is there any hidden agenda here? Of late, attempts has been made to link Tun M as endorsing NTR although the latter has categorically time and time again, warn NTR the risks of putting the wrong team to manage the country. Tun M has also hinted that NTR may not be the 6th PM of Malaysia. And, we know that Australia has not been in good terms with Malaysia during Tun M's time. So, the question is : Is this payback time, Australian style?

Why equate the Mongolian model to Matahari, the WW1 double agent spy cum exotic dancer? Who is the Mongolian dancing for? And which countries engage her as spy? The online newspaper linked the Mongolian murder to Malaysia's submarine deal. Is there any security breach i.e. the Mongolian leaking important data/facts to third parties? She is the interpreter, which in itself will give her access to the secret dealings and technical dfata of the submarine. This vital information is sought after by those who have interest in the Straits of Malacca, ranging from the pirates to neighbouring countries, shippers as well as countries whose ships ply the continent's most densely shipping route.

Do Michael Sheridan and Matthew Campbell know something that we don't know? Is it the reason of missing PI, acquittal, the fall guy, the ADC saga? If this concerns Malaysia security and well being, I say that let it be handled the Bond way, the James Bond way. i.e. the less we know, the better...

There has been concerted efforts to discredit NTR by continually "linking" him to the Mongolian. Is this another John Profumo?

That, my friends, is a good reading and to destress from PAU tension.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

Maybe the Murdoch link may be true, but even in cyberspace, the Altantuya thing is mentioned very prominently on the wiki entry about DS Najib.

We can kick and scream for all we want, and accuse others of secret agenda, it will work within our protected and safe borders, but elsewhere in the world, well, lets just say I'd be surprised if Najib finds any reception in the West. Not that it matters as much as being received by China, the new player in the block - now if they snub him out of some Mongolia loyalty thing,
I'd be surprised cos
a) I always saw China as being pragmatic and never letting something like this get in the way
b)Proves the rest of the world does not really pay much attention to Malaysia
c) China values Mongolia relations more???

nightcaller said...

Thank Wenger

Point noted. It is not a matter of screaming our heads off to the world but a reminder to our leaders to be more careful when dealing with sensitive projects involving our state secrets.

With that said, maybe a screening and better filtering process should be adhered to, passing through some form of security and checking before being admitted to participate in state's sensitive projects. With filtering and checking, it does not include bodily check...:)