Sunday, March 22, 2009

AAB going, NTR drowning, ATM sinking : what then...?

PM will be going ! Despite the knee jerk support for him, it seems that his retirement is beyond retutn. Ali Rustam barred from competing the Deputy UMNO's post, KJ served with yellow card, Norza slapped with charges, Azalina has house guest in the name of MACC. In short, all the life support has been removed from AAB as PM...

PM2B NTR is also in hot soup. Charges coming from the opposition, former de factor law minister, foreign newspaper are adding pressure to NTR to come clean. So far, NTR's explanation is not convincing. Ali Rustam's departure as deputy President's candidate is hurting Najib. The extent of damage will be known in the coming PAU. NTR is drowning. Can he save himself?

In Sarawak, Malaysiakini exposure on Abdul Taib Mahmud's (ATM) daughter's mansion in Ottawa worth RM 28 million is really shocking. The first question racing through my mind is not of jealousy or disgust but the status of Jamilah Hamidah's religion. Why? I don't know, maybe after reading that her husband's name is Sean Murray. It is her right to profess whatever religion that she believe in, only it is better for her to come clean with regards to her religion.

Will the exposure affect the outcome of Batang Ai? Will this be a turning point to Sarawak's politics? ATM may be the current Sarawak political supremo, but how much longer will he last?

Down the news, one of Malaysia foremost blogger Kickdefella wrote about the meeting in 2007. The agenda of the meeting is to topple AAB. Rightly or wrongly, the agenda is fruitful and waiting to be harvested. Who are the 10 bloggers? Is this reminiscent of "10 tigers from Kwang Tung?" Are the 10 contented with their present day achievement?

Rightly or wrongly, is there any planned conspiracy to oust AAB, shoot down NTR, bring down ATM and pave the way for political chaos in Malaysia? As Nightcaller mentioned, we are at the crossroad of Malaysian politics. Where are we heading for? What is our tolerance level to Politicians' abuse of power? What is our minimum level of acceptance to Politicians misdeeds? Who shall be Malaysia's saviour?

If this is a conspiracy, who will gain the most? Is there any foreign forces involved? Are there any foreign elements hellbent to see Malaysia in this state of chaos? Malaysians should rise and openly express our new sets of standards for Malaysian politics. Out with the corrupt. Politicians should be morally and legally clean. Period.

Take a rest. A good rest, before next week unveils the new political landscape of Malaysia.

Till then...G'Nite M'sia...wherever u are


Anonymous said...

How about chaos theory? I believe that most people have conditioned their response not on their belief or value system but on what is the belief or value system of those in power. When that in itself is unclear, don't be surprised if the party is in disarray

nightcaller said...


I strongly believe is the existence of a strong external force pushing their own agenda and rejoicing to see Malaysians at odds with each other by first pitting UMNO against non-UMNO which is then expanded to BN against non-BN supporters.

This is easier done when UMNO is self imploding with money politics, effectively breaking UMNO into different camps. This is UMNO's own doings when the Disciplinary Board is perceived as practising double standards in its findings.

It is time for UMNO to regroup. It may call for big sacrifice from big leaders whilst some has to take a backseat during these challenging years.