Monday, March 16, 2009

Of Gobind Singh Deo : Parliamentary suspension...

Like father, like son. Both are DAP MPs'. Now the son is suspended from parliament for 1 year without allowance and benefits. Fair ? Unfair?

Gobind Singh Deo had continuously speak about the Mongolian murder case although he was repeatedly warned by the speaker. to stop raising the issue. This outburst happened when PM2B has finished replying to points raised about the mini budget.

The suspension may cost him approximately RM 160,000 in non taxable return. This is not about justice. This is all about timing. Gobind miss the timing when he persistently harrased PM2B with the Mongolian case. Instead, Gobind should corner PM2B on economic issues then.

What now? PR has lost another vice in parliament. All because of his rashness to pursue things. Is it worth it? Certainly the voters did not deserved to be penalised for Gobind's outburst. With P59 on the cards, Gobind should toe the line as requested by the speaker.

Gobind may lost his chance to question on Pm2B eligibility to be the next PM nsince he has to stay out of the proceeding for the next 12 months. Not only that, now his father is vulnerable in the parliament's lobby. And, god forbids, if UMNO harrass Karpal, who will now come to his aid? Will "Singh is King II" Gobind flies in to rescue?

Being vocal is good but it should be done in good taste and at proper venue and timing. Jumping in to display one's adaptness and knowledge in law may not work in parliament. In parliament, there is another set of rules apply. In Parliament, speaker's decision is final. No high court, no appeal court, no federal court. And since Gobind has been sus[pended for 1 year, can we say the same thing about Perak speaker? That his decision is final?

Can CJ's urging to his judges to restore public's confidence towards judiciary system be true? If it is, can Malaysians hope that JCs' involved in the delicate Perak assembly case be fair? Is there any light at the end of the tunnel? Go figure out...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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