Friday, March 20, 2009

Of PM : AAB leaving...and the new PM is not who shall it be?

Malaysiakini predicted that AAB will relinquish his PM's post early April 2009. Few days before, PM stated that Brunei dropped territorial claim over Limbang. Forward action, few days later, our Foreign Minister has to soothe diplomatic nerves, agreeing to Brunei that claims on Limbang was never discussed.

1. How can PM goof big time? Can Malaysians stand to be humiliated again and again due to the inefficiency of Malaysia's o 1 servant? We have lost Batu Putih, invite our neighbour to co-manage Iskandar development, wrongly claim Limbang. And our PM is a former Foreign Minister. Our PM is a one case. Let him retire in peace. Forget about appealing or petitioning for his continuity as PM.

2. either love him or hate him. Anwar, Lim Kit Siang, Hadi Awang, Zaid Ibrahim are all up in arms against him. For now, NTR should take a back seat and forget about his dreams to be the next PM.

3. If NTR is out, then who should lead Malaysia? What about Tg Razaleigh? After all, he is one of those who talked about Unity government. He is an UMNO MP and he has some influence in UMNO. His weak point is he is too gentleman and he lacks the killer instinct.

4. If UMNO rejects Tg Razaleigh, forget about Anwar. He may have the charm but his case against Saiful will be his waterloo. Some in UMNO will back him but will and can UMNO take the submissive role? I doubt it.

5. Don't mention Lim Kit Siang, Karpal or even Lim Guan Eng. They are UMNO's eternal enemies. Without UMNO's support, it is hard for any of them to run the country.

6. So who should helm the unity government. At least until Malaysians survive this economic downturn. I say why not Nik Aziz? His first name is N and can fit into RAHMAN theory. He is a respected politician, respected by all. You may ask how to achieve that when he is not an MP. The answer is simple. Let him win uncontested in Bukit Gantang (P59). That will pave the way for him to be the PM. NTR can remain Deputy PM.

I can write more but this flu is killing me....aaahhhhh

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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