Tuesday, October 19, 2010

P 185 Batu Sapi : PKR or SAPP...why not DAP?

Hajat dihati nak peluk gunung, apakan daya tangan tak sampai...That, in a nutshell is my general impression of PKR's ambitious plan to contest in P 185 Batu Sapi by-election.

When Fuziah Salleh first mentioned of PKR's intention to field their candidate for P 185 Batu Sapi, her reasoning is because PKR was allocated the P185 during GE 12. In the same breath, she admitted that PKR did not field any candidate for unspecified reasons. That said, PR should reach a mutual consensus on the best candidate PR can offer to stand in P 185 Batu Sapi by election.

Yong Teck Lee and SAPP is also interested in getting into the fray. Is Yong Teck Lee using P 185 as a leverage when discussing with PR leaders? The problem is Yong Teck Lee has some skeletions in his closet. Blogger Selvarajah simply penned it as "Yong Teck Lee sinking in his own spin..." and the ghost that haunts Yong is one Ambrose Lee. Thus if SAPP decides to field their President to contest Batu Sapi, Musa Aman may be more than willing to "slaughter" Yong Teck Lee to his barebones!

Even with SAPP out of the picture, for the time being PKR is not a good choice either. PKR's house is currently in serious disorder with their members busy choosing PKR's national leadership. To top it up, Azmin Ali is not that welcome within PKR's Sabah's leaders. So, if Anwar's blue-eyed boy gets PKR's number 2 spot, there will be serious backlash within PKR Sabah which may see their Batu Sapi candidate humiliated!

Right now, PKR's feet is too small and yet they demanded much bigger shoes. PKR may end up being clowns whose oversized shoes mismatch their feet! Yes, PKR managed to convince its coalition partners to allow PKR to field their candidate but it is also reported that the decision was reached in a tense 4 hour meeting. Tian Chua should also read between the lines when PKR's Batu Sapi former chief Nahalan Damsal throw his hat in supporting SAPP to field their candidate in Batu Sapi. Has Tian Chua and Fuziah Salleh forgotten what hit PKR in Hulu Selangor, the time when Halili Rahmat left the party? All the de facto's chief's men could not mend the damage left by Halili. Is Tian Chua waiting for this to recur in Batu Sapi? Anwar may be "the man" in Peninsular Malaysia but does his charms works in Batu Sapi? Remember that his own kind is now openly questioning his wisdom as de factor leader.

If SAPP and PKR heeds these early warning signs, then who's left to go uno to uno with BN? It all points to either PAS or DAP. Although the voters composition clearly indicates that Muslim bumis makes up 60 % of the eligible voters, it does not mean PAS will have an easy ride in Batu Sapi. If PAS and PKR fails to win a parliamentary seat during GE 12, then there is very little chance PAS can win Batu Sapi in by-election. Yes, Muslim bumis make up 60 % of eligible voters but out of this 60 %, 32% comes from Malays whilst the balance 28 % is a mix from Bumi Sabah (26 %) and Bumi Sarawak. This statistics is not that encouraging for PAS to take up Batu Sapi. Let PAS concentrate in defending Galas, Kelantan.

As for DAP, they are still riding high from their recent Sibu win and this should propel them to work harder in Batu Sapi. Not only that, DAP has Shanty Chong as their possible candidate and this Shanty is no ordinary woman. Her experience in her days as a court official will give her the additional ooomph in parliament, something that will send shivers to BN. And to win, DAP need all the asisstance from PKR and PAS.

Instead of biting more that it can chew, PKR should concentrate on putting its house in order! Let DAP do it's best in Batu Sapi whilst PAS defends Galas. PKR can always fill the gaps to ensure PR wins in both Batu Sapi and Galas. Is that too much to ask?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

Well, since they have already decided PKR should stand, I sincerely call Anwar to choose the right candidate. Oh please don't bring in folks like Ansari, Thamrin, Jeffrey, Christina & worst still Hasnar Ebrahim. Just read what Harris Ibrahim got to say about Hasnar
If I were PKR disciplinary folk, I would banish this joker. I also come across Kong Hon Min from PKR is much better. Anyway, get a local, honest local guy. One Batu Sapi voter said that the independent candidate stood for election in the 12th Election is good. His name is Francis Chong. It would be extremely great if Anwar can rope in him
Anyway, I still hope that this seat should give it to DAP. Whether Shanty Chong was based in Tawau is irrelevant, I felt that Shanty should represent Batu Sapi much better
I am pretty admired DAP sincerity. Dapat/Tak dapat tak apa....DAP Sabah has already started teh campaign. Guess why Anwar has given the operation directorship to DAP. DAP has been very principled in supporting the partners. Bukit Gantang is one good example. Kampung people there felt pelik....How come non malays come out strongly to support.....Some due credit should be given to DAP....

Thank god that PAS Sabah come to senses....Galas is very important to PAS & PR. Heard of this news,


PAS Kedah got to stay put to this eventuality of another by election. Now, that clown Gerkan Kedah Youth & UMNO played the issue that PAS has indiscriminately raise the water price.....Good things I take, bad things nah....As for that Gerakan clown, till today he refused to open his comment....Eeeee....

nightcaller said...


Although they have decided PKR to stand in Batu Sapi but Anwar (and PKR Sabah) should be magniminous enough to give way to DAP. However, I am with you that PKR should make its selection carefully or risk losing potential votes.

PKR should also be aware of choosing independents as their candidate as Wee Chee Keong/Ibrahim Ali has served valuable lessons to PR on hopping.

If Shanty is the best PR can offer in Batu Sapi, so be it. Let Shanty contest under PKR flag. It will be a test of sincerity and comradiceship between PR coalition.

Anonymous said...

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