Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Of Sarawak's impending change...

A word of caution, avoid "dengar guruh dilangit, air ditempayan dicurahkan".

Halfway through the ongoing Sarawak state election, it seems that Najib and Muhyiddin are camping out in the outbacks of Sarawak. For that matter, it is also reliably understood that 1MPM6 has postphone the weekly cabinet meeting and place Sarawak state election his top priority.

Anwar sensed it, Taib Mahmud is in total denial mode and the people is bracing to finally break free from the Pek Moh's clutches.

However, let's be realistic here. The DAP-PAS-PKR combination may not be potent enough to deliver the knockput blow to BN. The missing piece of the puzzle wil be the independents, SNAP and PCM. Despite the feel good factor, chances are DAP-PAS-PKR combination may deny BN Sarawak its traditional 2/3 majority. In that sense, what DAP-PAS-PKR will do is to open the doors for 1MPM6 to oust Taib Mahmud from Petrajaya and at the same time clears the way for UMNO to make its debut in Sarawak politics. Something that the Melanaus, Ibans, Dayaks, Dusuns should seriously consider. Look what UMNO has done to Sabah, the same will happen to Sarawak if 1MPM6 gets his way.

16th April 2011 will be a historic moment for Sarawak. DAP-PAS-PKR has done their part. It will be those in Sarawak to determine their own future.

Remember how Taib Mahmud and Jabu pooh-pooh the Penans on their claims that their daughters were raped by the loggers? Remember how Muhyiddin's Ministry of Education "relocate" those opponent-invlined teachers to the backwaters of Sarawak? Remember how Taib's administration dutifully forget the Dayaks' NCR's land? This is payback time! It is not a matter of forgetting the hand that feeds but this is a matter of the hand feeding chickenfeed to the rakyat of Sarawak whilst those in the corridors of power lavishly living in cloud nines!

So far BN has been engaging 1M, the NGO, as secret weapon number 1. Thus far 1M dinner and dinner-do is not achieving the results. What 1M NGO achieve is creating the culture of fighting for freebies.

Making 16th April, a saturday as the election day for Sarawak will be BN's Waterloo. BN's normal Friday blitzes across masjids may not work this time. Not that BN will not do but the time frame is too short for the Friday flyers and sermons to make its impact to Muslim voters across the state. However, beware of the Friday flyers and the many flyers making its way to the voters doorsteps this Friday morning!

Why Saturday 16th? Well, 1MPM6 and his assisstant Moo are potraying themselves as the goodie two shoe. A Saturday is better tahn a Sunday. What BN is doing is avoiding the Christian churches from making its stand clear to their pastors. BN knows that they has no control over the churches and as such BN prefers Saturday voting, to avoid "guidance" from the churches who may lay the groundwork for big time defection from BN and instead voting to DAP-PAS-PKR combination.

Like it or not, BN is relying on the untested ultimate secret weapon - SNAP. The problem is, BN is not 100 % sure which side SNAP will be snapping! SNAP may likely end up being wooed by both BN and PR! BN has the money but PR has the support! SNAP? They have the history!

Yes, political analysts are sensing the change! Bloggers picturing change! Alternative media supports changes! The people? They wanted change but ... do they have the willpower to carry out the change?

3 more days before Sarawak goes to the polls. 3 more days to change!

Its thundering in Sarawak. Will it rains? Will the rain sweep Pek Moh and his cohorts from the power seats in Petrajaya? The answer will be known in due course.

Me? I know that Z is doing fine in Kuching with Topeng Perak by his side. I pray for wisdom to take the lead this 16th April. If change comes, let it be for the better. Amen.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

Lets sing this song by Joan Boaz.....We shall overcome


nightcaller said...


We shall...for we have the willpower....

Anybody has a villa for Taib Mahmud to rent in Lebanon? (Hint : watch for my next posting due out 11.30 pm tonight) :)