Tuesday, March 22, 2011

After sodomy I & II, comes...

So be it.

As if sodomy I and the ongoing sodomy II is not enough, now Datuk T (not related to Mr T of the A team) came out with another shocker - that of a 22 minute video of a well known opposition figure.

Let's be clear on this. I intend to remain clear of this issue and simply labelled Datuk T's "gallant" exposure as no more than a slander and I hope that Datuk T has tons and tons of good deeds to offload to this politician for his slanderous accusation on judgement day.

As I see it, Islam (and for that matter all religions) talk about judgement day when all our deeds (good and bad and whatever in between) will be accounted for, no matter how minute. There, you just could not twist and turn your way out as even our organs and body parts will testify to our deeds. In short, nothing will be spared.

Looking through the news, Datuk T is most probably a Muslim, by faith and this makes it more important for him to know that slandering is worse than murder.

Consider this :-

  1. Datuk T claimed that he was instructed by this particular politician to retrieve his Omega watch from the room after the said-tryst. If this is true, then obviously this politician has chosen a wrong assistant to do his bidding. Worse, this politician never learns from his past episode involving Nalla and Saiful;
  2. Datuk T screened a videoclip purportedly showing the politician "in action" with a woman in a hotel room. Is Datuk T drawing behavioural similarity between the politician and his sodomy II accuser, Saiful? If that is the case, then what is the purpose? To potray the politician as an active heterosexual maniac?;
  3. Datuk T claimed that the Omega watch is in the drawer. This is interesting. Do you think that a man who is having a "touch n go" tryst will have time to place his Omega watch (or for that matter, any valuable items) in the drawer? Mind you that reports indicated that the politician is not the hotel guest;
  4. Datuk T claimed that he searched the drawers and noticed the wires and retrieved the tape. If that statement is true, then who is the real conspirators who set up the cameras and the recording devices? Why didn't the real conspirators catch up Datuk T for "stealing" their "goods"?;
  5. Datuk T displayed the carefully wrapped Omega watch. Is he implying that when he recover the watch, he was wearing gloves? If this is true, then clearly he has bad intention from the beginning;
  6. It is not difficult to get one to come out and claim to be the "receiving" party of the tryst. This happened before when 1 lady "openly" claimed (slander) that she has an illegitimate baby with one leading religious scholar. The religious scholar refuse to sue the lady as he has lost faith in the existing legal system BUT he will make his claim on judgement day!
  7. If it is really true that this particular politician is the "man in action", why didn't Datuk T presents his case to the politician and his wife? Or to the party's supreme council? or to the loose coalition of PR leaders? And on what grounds is he asking the politician to quit politics?
That said, let's all stay clear of becoming a party in slandering... even if the politician really did what Datuk T accused him of, let the One god decides.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

I have been watching All Presidents Men lately.....Would Najib be Nixon....a disgrace leader



nightcaller said...

Najib a NIxon? I don't think so... He's closer to Italy's Berlusconi :).