Thursday, March 17, 2011

Of (possibly) clear and present danger...

It is compounded with (the lack of) media coverage from MSMs'. Rais "I burnt the bridge" Yatim should put country first and encourage MSMs to print these news. Why only Malay Mail and the Sun (whose coverage is within Klang valley) carry these news?
  1. Honestly, I look forward to pick up my daily free Malay Mail from the many kiosk stands around KL for a quick glance of what's happening around us before getting suck into solving sudoka. Many may link the free paper with famous blogger Rockybru, this scribe has no problems with that, as long as it provides worthy news...
  2. Now, for this posting... Actually a week has passed us by and I sense there is no serious follow-up to MM's 8th March 2011 storyline "Ex-militants go to school" . Maybe, everyone else is intensely following sodomy II and Teoh's RCI. Cannot blame them for that but this MM's story should be Malaysia's top priority.
  3. Amongst others, MM's story outlined :-

    • A group of 74 students, all former militant group members, will undergo undergraduate courses in Malaysia;
    • They will be sponsored by Nigerian government;
    • They will pursue their courses in Linton University College Malaysia in Mantin, Negeri Sembilan;
    • They were former members of The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND);
    • MEND members is said to be involved in sabotage, theft, property destruction, guerilla warfare and kidnapping;

  4. What's troubling this scribe is :-

    • Malaysia's federal special task force (operations and counter terrorism) said police are not aware of these sudents' arrival to Malaysia;
    • Linton University College Malaysia declined comment and only said that a statement would be forthcoming (and up till now, there is no statement from this college);
    • Nigerian High Commissioner to Ghana advised these students to get in contact with Nigerian consular officials in Kuala Lumpur immediately on their arrival (meaning that the Nigerian consular officials will not be on hand to personally "welcome" these students in KLIA);

  5. Is Malaysia "easy meat" for foreign countries to send their "pardoned" terrorists to pursue their studies? No matter what the public's general perception on our police force, the police should be keeping a very close watch and on-guard on these "students". Anything can happen and with their "experience", it may pose clear and present danger with possible breach to our internal security.
  6. Are we prepared to handle these foreigners who have "adequate" experience in sabotage, theft, kidnapping and guerilla warfare? What guarantee do Malaysia has that these students will not be a threat to Malaysia or its citizens?
  7. Did Nigeria inform the Malaysia government of their "amnesty" program and their plans to send these students to Malaysia? Why Linton college, Mantin? Being a far-off town, it will be taxing for the local police to monitor the students movement. Is this choice of college made on purpose?
  8. With no reference that the Nigerian consular officials are in KLIA to personally "receive" the students, how many really go to Mantin for study? Who can vouch that these students are in Mantin, poring over their books and not littering Kuala Lumpur? We have seen one too many foreigners breaking our laws and these 74 students are "experts" in doing what they can do.
  9. My wishlist? Simple :-

    • Nigerian government to officially inform Malaysia government on their plans and program pertaining to these students;
    • Nigerian consulate office in Kuala Lumpur to provide the list of the students' name to Malaysia's police for monitoring;
    • Nigerian government undertaking that these students will not take up arms in Malaysia, or involve in training terrorist elements within Malaysian soil;
    • Linton University College Malaysia to ensure that these students attend all their classes and not using the college as a simple gateaway to do "other" business in Malaysia;
    • These students can pursue their studies in Nigeria, why choose Malaysia? And more important - are they academically qualified to pursue their tertiary education? Or is Linton college turning "deaf and blind", all for the sake of greenbacks?
  10. Mind you that these 74 students are just pioneers, there are 290 students more waiting to be placed in colleges to pursue their studies. Since Nigeria is part of Commonwealth and since UK is the "unofficial" commonwealth leader, why didn't Nigeria send these initial batch of 74 students to UK? Or did UK rejected them?
  11. It is time for the Malaysian government to focus on real issues which may pose (possible) clear and present danger. Enough of sodomy II when the evidences seems to point out legally that the prosecution's case is bombed. Enough of playing around Teoh's RCI when the hearings indicated that there is something seriously wrong with MACC's procedures and SOPs'. Enough is enough! Let's get back on track to safeguard our nation...
  12. Just read another free newspaper The Sun on "Hot cargo seized from vessel in Port Klang". Not only ex-terrorists are here in Malaysia but equipments to make weapons of mass destruction (WMD) are making Malaysia their stop. This is scary as it picture Malaysia as ex-terrorist and WMD friendly. This scribe hopes that these recent recent developments will not put Malaysia in USA's bad light...
  13. Let's get back in track. Off with personal vendetta or pinning your political enemy with false (dubious) accusation. Let the record stand and give the rakyat the chance to evaluate things... it's not that hard to do. We are too engrossed with internal "moves" to the extent that we are slacking in getting Malaysia protected from all (possible) clear and present danger from abroad.
  14. It is compounded with (the lack of) media coverage from MSMs'. Rais "I burnt the bridge" Yatim should put country first and encourage MSMs to print these news. Why only Malay Mail and the Sun (whose coverage is within Klang valley) carry these news? What happen to MSMs? Too busy scooping for those potential candidates in Sarawak?
  15. This scribe hope that Malay Mail and The Sun will continue to pursue these news. I want to sleep in peace... don't you?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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