Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hey... caste your political beliefs aside...

  1. My Malaysia, your Malaysia, our Malaysia... I feel for thee... What's going on to this blessed country when everything is politicised!
  2. Yesterday, I was in PWTC's vicinity when I hear of Dr Halimah Ali, Selangor's EXCO on education, higher education and human development stand-in for Khalid Ibrahim in one of those UNISEL's diploma convocation of a joint Malaysia-Japan associate degree program. What pissed me off are the points highlighted by Halimah Ali :-

    • Japan's LDR 50-year government rule toppled by liberals;
    • Japan's past government provided all the basic necessities but still the people choose to oust LDR;
    • It will happen in Malaysia "sooner or later";

  3. What's that got to do with Malaysia and more importantly what's that got to do with these 80+ 20-year old students? They are there receiving their diplomas and Halimah should be encouraging them on human development and not bringing politics into the convocation.
  4. It's a good thing that both Rosli Mat Hassan and Shafie Afdal did not directly counter her politically-inclined speech with their own speeches later. It's also a good thing that Chancellor an Sri Raja Arshad Tun Uda played the issue down by advising the students to concentrate on their studies and bring pride to Malaysia.
  5. My point? Please keep politics out of these students' minds. They are going to pursue their studies , SO PLEAAASEEEE do not cloud their young minds with politicial differences and political sales during convocations. When the time comes (and after they have registered as voters) then by all means woo them in correct, appropriate places.
  6. If you think that that's bad, there's worse! Remember about the recent case on several students detained by police in Kuala Kubu Baru?
  7. What riles me is the way HRP is projecting this thing, the same as Makkal sakhti which is trying it's best to demonise Interlok.
  8. I would say that these form five students would not have done what they have done if there is no "encouragement" from external sources. My solution (for the time being) is simple :-

    • these for five students can keep their "on loan" Interlok books and return them at the end of the year. There is no reason to burden the teachers by returning the books and there is no harm in keeping the books in the house;
    • if these students feel so strongly about the book, ten they can always pass the books to their peers for safekeeping until the end of the year;
    • has these students read the novel in full? I bet even Makkal Sakhti and HRP did not read the book in full but rather choose to "pass comments" based on hearsay;
    • we cannot restrict the author's freedom to express his creativity. This is a, era novel, so be it! I did not hear the Chinese complaining about Hai San and Ghee Hin being potrayed as secret societies and detrimental to Chinese community. The same goes for the Malays who never question about how some novels painted the Malays as pirates in the early days! So, what's so special about the Indians that everything must be "painted" to their liking? Are we saying that the caste system never happens in India and Malaysian Indian community? If so, prove it!
    • Malaysian education department can relook on the suitability of the novel in 2012;

  9. It takes a turn to the worse this morning when I learnt that a community project in the neighbourhood is going to be downscaled. Reason? The community leaders decided to invite the MP (who incidentally happens to be from the "other" side) and TNB higher-ups decided to withdraw from sponsoring the event.
  10. Aiyah! This TNB is shortsighted or what? Think again:-

    • TNB is a public listed company, it is not owned by BN as per say. Therefore, there is no need to "punish" a community for inviting the incumbent MP (which happens to be from "the other side");
    • TNB officers should refrain from making "politically-linked" decision and must put social services above the rest;
    • if TNB so decides that their social service are only for BN's reps, then explain the logic behind the decision;
    • is this TNB's public stand or only "applicable" to this case (community) only?

  11. Conclusion? I do not understand why decisions and actions are clouded by political idealogies. Differ in opinion, yes BUT not at the expense of the public. I do not pass by PWTC to hear the political statements of Halimah Ali nor do I symphatise these form five students for their unintelligent action on the novel nor do I support TNB's decision to withdraw from it's annual soiial responsibility.
  12. Being low profile and witholding comment on certain issues does not mean that the silent majority accept whatever is loaded on them.
  13. Just ask those who attended Halimah's event yesterday. I am sure 80% of them do not speak the same language. I, for one, do not believe in loading these young graduates with her beliefs.
  14. Just ask other form five students across the nations. 95 % will not support these for five students. Just wait for the government-appointed panelist to come up with their findings. Is that too difficult to understand?
  15. Just ask members of the community. Think TNB so great, ah? Keep on reaping the profits but seldom giving back through social services. Just because TNB is the sole electricity supplier does not make them emperors!
  16. Mahathir's memoirs? Right or wrong, it seems that Anwar's and Mahathir is never going to kiss and make-up. Uuuuurrrrrrgh! Seriously think that some brave soul needs to start the "road to reconcialiation" between these 2 men. And that person is obviously not Abdullah Badawi... Sultan of Brunei, perhaps?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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