Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Of unofficially legitimate... (with update)

You know Nazri Aziz? Rumour has it that he was an ex-beau to one ex-PM's daughter and along the way, things did not end up as should be, leaving this Nazri fuming and jump at any little chance he has to bad-mouth the ex-PM. Rumour or not, maybe those in the corridors of powers is privy to this episode...

Today, it looks like Nazri Aziz is sucking up to 1MPM6 by coming out with another political statement in his quest to remain indispensable to 1MPM6's cabinet.

Nazri is reported by Malaysiakini to utter
"The term is an unofficial title which has no basis in legal provisions but (is based) purely on convention and accepted international practice," .

So, dear Nazri, if this FLOM is unofficial, yet legitimate, then :-

  1. Why is the FLOM directory listing was removed?;
  2. If Nazri said it is legitimate, what confusion is he referring to?;
  3. Where is it mentioned that FLOM can receive grant and budget to operate?;
  4. If FLOM can have six (6) officers assigned to Ros"CT"mah, then how many officers are assigned to HRH Permaisuri Agung?;
Nazri, dear...are we having an unofficial First Lady of Malaysia? If so, then who is the Official First Lady of Malaysia?

Nazri, Nazri...anything goes eh? As long as you can be BN's candidate in GE 13...

Update : And how do you expect our UFLOM (Unofficial First Lady of Malaysia) reacts to the Japan tsunami? The less said the better... you guys read it out here. My! Oh my!, why is this "important" UFLOM's statement not reported in MSMs' and Bernama? Or is Rais "I burnt the bridge" Yatim sleeping on the job? Afterall, it is Rais who himself declared that the MSMs' and Bernama is "fair" in their coverage...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

Nazri reminds me of the Spitting Image of Norman Tebbit. Google Norman Tebbit, you will know. Watch Spitting Image too.....I know ir's grouse but it's extremely educational.
In this case, I suggest Nazri should bang his head. It's really defending the indefensible. I believe if he's not a muslim, I am sure he'd be drinking the one full cup of whiskey after he made his debut in the parliament on FLOM
His seat is pretty precarious. Whoever stand in Padang Rengas, I am pretty sure it would go to the opposition.....Aaah....He's expandable

We have a much bigger issue. In the midst of nuclear catasphophy, our Mooh Mooh saw it fit to press ahead of building nuclear plant in Malaysia
Let us force our Mooh Mooh to watch The China Syndrome. Let hope that Rais Yatim would not banish the film in Malaysia TV programmes. Enjoy!


nightcaller said...


Nazri was a "has been" before 1MPM6 took over the reins. It's payback time for him to "prop" 1MPM6 and UFLOM.

On bigger issue, yes I remember China syndrome with Michael Douglas leading the cast. Nice and educational film! Now 1MPM6 is pushing ahead with nuclear power programme in Malaysia whilst Mahathir said bad experience stops him from embracing the programme.

1MPM6 needs to rethink his approval for the rare earth plant in Gebeng, Pahang. Is he still bullish on the "enviromental threatening" project?

Anonymous said...

Lets spread the message around with this movie