Thursday, May 12, 2011

Of official religion... so be it

What happen to our MSM? Once, MSM used to be referred to for any news under the sun, now the same MSM has lost its glitters and fast monopolising a new market - nasi lemak wrapper!

How the MSM choose their strategy to remain relevant is their own choosing but when certain MSM with it's numerous reporters and stringers scoop it's "breaking news" from bloggers, then something must be seriously not right!

Taking Bigdog's 6th May 2011 posting, Utusan Malaysia use the content as their headlines the next day. Since then, many so-called experts join the fray and offer their views. The thing is - what's the issue here?

Is Bigdog going against the current? Take the wrong turn? Standing against all odds? The best person to answer should be Bigdog himself and as one of the prime movers of Bloghouse, he should be responsible for what he said and stands by his statements, even if it means Bigdog checking in Kamunting hotel!

Now, let's turn to a more serious issue at hand, also regarding Islam and Muslims of Malaysia. What's the big commotion about Bigdog's posting? Those Muslims ranting to champion Islam should be asking themselves much more important questions that swatting empty air, such as :-

  1. If Islam is the official religion of Malaysia, then why is our 1MPM6's wife not following Islam's dress code?

    I am not expecting RoseCTmah to come out in Arabic dress but what I am expecting is RoseCTmah adhering to Muslim dress code such as covering her hair, wearing loose clothing to hide her "assets". And if 1mPM6's wife could not conform to this simple Islamic requirement, then it's a shame to those 1 million plus UMNO members who could not "pursuade" her to do so. So what has 1MPM6's answer to this? Are all 1MPM6's religious advisers "post blind" that they could not even point out this simple thing to 1MPM6 to make it right?

  2. If Islam is the official religion of Malaysia, then why promote slander?

    Islam and for that matter all religions of the book do not condone slander. Saying so, why is MSM, especially Utusan Malaysia championing slander? What is the reasons to glorify Datuk T? What ethic codes are TV3 following when they decided to showcase video on their primetime news? How many will listen to UMNO's own Fathul Bari when he suggested to end human being's humiliation?
Where is MSM's responsibilities? Where are MSM's investigative reporters? Did any of them confirm that there is indeed a meeting to that effect? And what is our men in blue doing? Too busy snooping the wrong direction?

Are we becoming a reactive state? Reacting to news but never taking pro-active actions to maintain our harmony? Whilst we are debating on whether Islam is the official religion or not and whether non-Muslims can become Malaysia's PM, did any of us bother about the influx of foreigners into Malaysia?

Just the other day, my Lebanese-born friend claimed that here are 60,000 Iranians on study visa in Malaysia. I did not believe him when I countered, if there are 60,000 Iranian students in Malaysia, then our own local students will never secure a place in Malaysian universities. However, his claim should be checked and confirmed. How many foreign students are in Malaysia now? Are they here in Malaysia on valid study mission or are they here on different missions? Including drug smuggling?

Instead of choosing sides on who should be Malaysia's PM (Muslim or non-Muslim), we should be making a reality check and acknowledged - are our past and present PMs Malaysians? Malaysian in the sense that their foreparents are born in Malaysia (for maybe at least 5 generations). Can our Museum Negara (or Arkid Negara or registration department) confirmed that Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Abd Razak, Hussein Onn, Mahathir Mohamed and Najib Razak are all Malaysian who meet with this simple requirements?

Instead of putting up banners and countless police reports based on Bigdog's posting, the same groups should be asking themselves - are we preaching the same Islam? I mean if these groups are so riled up, how many of them dare to stand up and point out to 1MPM6 that his wife is not adhering to Muslim dress code? Or point out to 1MPM6 of the many half past six Muslims in his companions - those who publicly champion Islam but at the same time frequent the night clubs, karaokes with wine glasses on their left hands whilst the right hand busy groping their "unlicensed contractual" partners?

Does that mean Bigdog is wrong? No, not really! Bigdog raise a point and that point should be addressed by those who attend the meeting in Penang. Since the meeting were attended by the pastors, it is high time for them to come in the open and issue a public statement. If there is a planning to elevate Christianity, then admit so. If not, then deny it publicly. No need to hush hush.

Lastly, the clown should start getting serious. Stop clowning around! Utusan Malaysia should be hauled up and should pay for their reports. As an MSM, they should be responsible for their news. Unless, Utusan Malaysia admits that they are the same standard as USA's National Enquirer! If Hishamuddein could not be firm, then it is time for 1MPM6 replace him with others who can do the job and maybe place Hishamuddein in RTM where he can expand his talent - clowning around!

As for 1MPM6's BN's plan for GE dry run scheduled to be in June 2011, it is better for 1MPM6 stop horsing around. If 1MPM6 wants it, bring it on...being GE 13 on. Ada berani?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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