Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The need to set up special court for politicians...

I don't know how you guys feel but I am getting fed-up! Just look at the various circus acts around town and you will agree that we need another special court - this time exclusive for active politicians only!

Take these few issues as examples :-

  1. Anwar - Hishamuddein defamation suits

    It's already a joke when Datuk T invited members of the press corp fr a preview of the infamous video. From thereon, it goes downhill when Hishamuddein filed a defamation suit to Anwar and then the latter filed a counter-defamation suit to Hishamuddein.

    With Sodomy II already taking the courts' time, this defamation suit will definitely strained the judges further...

  2. Is he or is he not an MP

    This is about Tian Hua. Whilst the Courts of Appeal threw out Tian Hua's application for a review of high court,senior lawyer Karpal "Singh is King" Singh said that the Dewan Rakyat could not move to disqualify Tian Hua as Batu MP.

    This will take time and frankly, I wonder whether the courts have the time slot to hear Tian Hua's case. Tian Hua is just a person but his presence in parliament is crucial to make up the quorum.

  3. You dare or not

    That's in KL. What about Penang? Ramasmy dares Teng to sue in court about land scam. I will not dwell too much but still it will take courts' time to listen to their arguments.

That's just today. What about the rest? What about cases involving other politicians? With the amount of money available to them, the government might as well construct timeshare apartments within the courts compound for these politicians. And with the bottomless of money, these politicians and their lawyers will find ways and means to drag the courts proceedings longer than necessary. If all else fail, the same politicians will generate the peoples court to be their lawyers, juries and lawyer!

Yes, Malaysia has special court to judge the rulers. But how many times did this special court is called to hear special cases? Maybe, this special court shall be reserved for politicians. Maybe that would limit legal manouveres to delay judgement.

So, whilst counting down to our July gathering - should we form a special court just for active politicians? Maybe those who leave active politics could also make the numbers provided their last active political deed is less than 5 years... Think about it...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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