Thursday, September 02, 2010

1 year on, at 53 we still never learn...

At 53, Malaysia is still being pushed around. That's how I see it...

Maybe a quick tour of what happened in 2009 is in order. Back then, this blogger posted "Of Negaraku, pendet and Norman KRU..." in response to our Indonesian neighbour's claim that Malaysia's Negaraku was originally from Indonesia. Now, in August 2010, in a demonstration in front of Malaysian embassy in Jakarta, some of the protesters threw human faeces and defiled the Malaysian flag.

1MPM6 meekly mentioned that he will consult Wisma Putra before issuing travel advisory. So, what does that leave us? Are Malaysians being trampled from all sides? Don't get me wrong here but our response has been very very mild. Is this planned to be so? Or Malaysians, and by that I mean Malaysians of all races have "lost" their balls?

I did not see Perkasa coming out to codemn the protesters' act. Heck, those noise makers of Hindraf is definitely silent on the issue. No need to talk about MCA, they are just plain mute! In short, it speaks volumes of how Malaysians are a fragmented lot. The Malays are lying low maybe out of Ramadan, the Indians are silent and the Chinese are quiet. Where is the 1Malaysia slogan that 1MPM6 is talking about? Apparently, 1M fails because if it is within the hearts of Malaysians, then someone should have been protesting the way the Indonesian protesters are defiling our flag!

But, actually that's not all! Why is the news being subdued? Is it on instruction? Malaysians have been hospitable long enough that it is seen as a weakness. Malaysia talked about tough measures against the illegals but so far there is no concrete action taken to stem the flow. Are our leaders oblivious to these? Or are they getting something out of this?

Let's face it. After 53 years of independence, Malaysia is still being pushed, shoved and trampled around...Don't believe? Try to digest the following :-

  1. Thailand's istmus of Kra

    Let's start with our Northern neighbour. For years there were talks of cutting a canal through the istmus of Kra which will shortened the maritime journey and at the same time relieve the congestions in the Straits of Malacca. It did not happen. Why?

    Political, my friend, it's a political decision. Thailand is concerned that building the canal will be advantageous to it's separatist movement. So, for insurance, the remnants of Malaysia's disbanded CPM members were allowed to stay in Southern Thailand as a check and balance factor.

    So, we may think we have the upper hand but in reality we are not. Whilst some called for the Government to allow CPM leaders to return to Malaysia, what happened during the three days after Japan surrendered during WW II is too much to bear for many.

  2. Singapore and KTMB land/Pulau Batu Putih

    Even our Southern neighbour is getting the upper hand. Malaysia have been at the losing end with the raw water deal and the International court judgement on Pulau Batu Putih reinforced the belief that Malaysia has been at the wrong end of the bargain.

    1MPM6 recent agreement to surrender KTMB land in Tanjung Pagar rounds it all up. Malaysia has been had in the South!

  3. Brunei and Limbang

    Even a small nation like Brunei gets the better deal. Remember Limbang? Remember how Malaysia lost what is never theirs and at the same time handed over the rights for oil exploration to Brunei ie Malaysia practically lose its soverignity in the areas?

  4. Philippines and the Sipadan

    Talk about Philippines and the Sipadan island comes in. How the immigrants from Philippines crowded off our Sabahaan brothers. Soon, we may end up talking tagalog in Sabah, all at the expense of Malaysia's porous immigration checks.

  5. Indonesia and PATI

    Year in and year out, Malaysia has been promising stern action against PATI (Pendatang Asing Tanpa Izin). Yet, no actions have been taken except a few token raids here ad there. It has come to a state of the illegals laughing at Malaysia's inability to stop the flow.

    It has been said that Malaysia is harbouring 2 million PATIs from Indonesia. Imagine the amount of Malaysian Ringgit flowing out monthly because Malaysia "feed" PATIs.

Where does that leave us? Is Malaysia too kind? Or are we too busy infighting that we lost our sensitivity as Malaysians?

Let's leave our neighbours as it is and see within. I see that there is this movement to create heroes out of those who mocked the system. Look how we make heroes out of Loh Gwo-Burne, Gobalakrishnan, Saari Sugaib. All because they choose to defy the norm but at the same time now that we put them in prliament and DUN, what are their contribution thus far? Are we happy with their performance as elected reps?

Talk about Namewee. Whilst some are quick to defend him, I see him in the same vein as sifu blogger Kickdefella.

1 year on, at 53 we still never learn....whilst those in the ruling BN is trying to make hay whilst it still shines, PR is not doing much better when it is shown that they might not be our saviour, after all. I choose to see things from a different light and from a different vantage point.

I know that there are some who can afford to take their vacation in US of A and certainly can move there if things do not work out in Malaysia. But what about the rest? Many amongst us choose to stay back and try to make it better. I choose to salute these men (and girls) who choose to slog it out in Malaysia over getting more pay and better career avancement overseas. To me, these are Malaysia's true heroes - those who stand and fight for a better Malaysia for all Malaysians.

At 53, Malaysia is now at another cross road. Choose the correct path or forever we will end up being trampled north, south east and west....

Frankly, this is my view and it might not be the same with yours. I love Malaysia and will not allow it to be bullied over and over...what about you?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Pak Zawi said...

How true.

Anonymous said...

When members within a family quarrel, there is no more peace and all they care about are their own bread & butter.

With each passing year instead of being more united and progressive, Malaysia takes yet another beating, so to speak.

We need new breed of leaders that have the welfare of the people at heart FIRST and minumum politic, then this nation can shine again. Where are you, our beloved leaders ??? Who will be our new hero and saviour of this nation ?

Anonymous said...
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