Monday, May 24, 2010

Of KTMB's Tg Pagar land: Going, going...gone?

The answer is within you. You think and you decide. Are we going to be forever blinded by the injustice towards Malaysians? We are a nation and as a nation, it is our duty to keep our well being for our future generations. I you?

Najib! What else will you be giving up?

This computer screen must be playing a late April Fool's prank on me today. Malaysia agrees to vacate KTMB Tg Pagar????

It's just over 1 year that Najib took over the reins from Malaysia and we are sinking lower by the day....

  1. Malaysia will give up KTMB Tg Pagar land and agreed to "jointly developed the land with Singapore's Temasek group, Najib's coup to end the lingering problem with Singapore;
  2. Malaysia will move KTMB station to Woodlands by 2011;
  3. Malaysia will move KTMB station to JB by 2018?;
  4. Singapore to extend their MRT services to JB by 2018, all courtesy of Najib 'Santa Claus" Razak;
  5. Malaysia lost Pulau Batu Putih, thanks to Rais "I burnt the bridge" Yatim;
  6. Malaysia lost two parcels of oil exploratory off Sabah/Sarawak, thanks to Sleepyhead Abdullah Badawi;
  7. Malaysia never gets Limbang, again thanks to Abdullah Badawi who misreads the understanding;
  8. Malaysia' company Sime Darby almost RM 1B loss, and all they have to show is requesting the group CEO to take leave of absence;
  9. Malaysia agree to give Indonesian maids a day off per week, showing 1MPM6's diplomatic prowess;
  10. Malaysia government putting the "Rosmah - First lady of Malaysia" ad in New York Times;
  11. Malaysia to discuss with Indonesia on new minimum salary for "imported" domestic helpers, again through 1MPM6 Najib's "diplomatic" skills;
  12. Malaysia granting sports betting license to Ascot (Berjaya group), one of 1MPM6 Najib's far-sighted approach to continue his grandpa's legacy;
  13. Malaysia to offer third amnesty since 2002, 2004 to all illegal foreign workers, trademark of DPM Muhyiddin's hard stance against illegal workers;
  14. Malaysia's plantation workers receiving take home pay of RM 33, courtesy of 1MPM6 Najib's NEM;
  15. Malaysia citizens still living in desolate areas with no piped water (Kampung Kandang Lembu) with a measly income of RM 150 per month, thanks to 1MPM6 Najib's concept;
  16. Malaysians are seen to be easily bought off, thanks to 1MPM6 Najib's "You helpt me, I helpt you" Sibu speech;
  17. Malaysians are thought that everything is possible in Malaysia, including "buying" elected reps to topple a state government, an example set by 1MPM6 Najib on Perak takeover;
  18. In Malaysia, you just bring a person down regardless how absurd the charges are, as demonstrated by 1MPM6 Najib in dealing with Anwar Ibrahim;
  19. Commission? They don't call that in Malaysia, they re-phrase it as "consultancy services" , nice euphamism as projected by Perimekar;
  20. Statutory declaration? Not sure if it carries any weight in Malaysia, look what happens to PI Bala and his Mongolian connectivity;
  21. Technological advancement? No problem, Malaysia has submarines that failed to dive, wrapped in package by Razak Baginda who is currently spending his "hard-earned" monies in UK;
  22. Need another one? Sure, what about fighter jets with missing engines? Another first by one of the many "special vehicle groups" during 1MPM6's tenure in MOD;

The list can be expanded much more..but what the heck! With what listed thus far, 1MPM6 started his premiership 14 months ago and we have already listed 22 issues which will haunt Malaysians for years to come. Seriously, it is hightime for Malaysians to rise and say "Enough is enough!" and we want transperancy!. Truthfully, sometimes despair overtakes this gut and how at times raising the white flag and throwing in the towel seems to be the better option.

Hey, don't get me wrong here. It is not a matter of political affiliation. I am not a member of any political party. I wish to remain neutral and what I see scares me...whilst some took opposing views in blogosphere, there must be a meeting point somewhere - like a better Malaysia.

Looking back, is it not the concerted efforts of new media that finally pushed Abdullah off his perch? That time, there is this unusual camaraderie between both pro and anti BN. Now that Abdullah is gone, the camaraderie took a back seat with some openly endorsing Najib (and mahathir and Mukhriz) whilst some turn to KJ (Abdullah) whilst the rest choose to stay with their "Malaysian approach".

The question now is - how long must we wait to get back into action for a better Malaysia? Is the political difference to wide to be bridged? The longer it is, the lower Malaysia will sink, all thanks to 1MPM6 and his "bed-mate". Are we as Malaysians on the losing side, like those who are losing the Monopoly game? Are we coming to the state of "selling" off everything just to keep afloat?

The answer is within you. You think and you decide. Are we going to be forever blinded by the injustice towards Malaysians? We are a nation and as a nation, it is our duty to keep our well being for our future generations. I you?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


looes74 said...

I think what Anwar is advocating is correct. Disclose all agreement with Singapore. However, I believe that Najib is hand tied when he negotiated with Singapore. Even without the alleged photos Singapore government is having as insinuated by Hisham Rais. Singapore government is too high class to use this tactics.

Even if Mahathir were to enter in negotiation with Singapore, the result would still be the same. Though KTMB is a commercial company but the sovereginty of the land remains in the hand of Singapore. And the KTMB land has stated very clearly that it's meant for railway purposes. Hehehe, even if Mahathir were to play hardball, Singapore would bring it up to ICJ. Most probably Mahathir would be awarded S$1 for all KTMB lands. Whether you think they are valuable lands or not.
Don't forget Singapore got a law called Land Acquisition Act. Malaysia has it....Be happy of what Malaysia got. But I agree Najib must come clean. Land Acquisition Land was used by Singapore government to force companies like Far East Organisation to be compensated far below market prices for HDB or Public flats. A Ketuanan Rakyat policy

However for 2 blocks off Sabah coast, that's a different story....I believe not just Abdullah got to answer. MAHATHIR got to answer too

nightcaller said...


Disclosing all the agreements and let the people decide whether it is one-sided or not. If there is growing sentiments on the issues, call for referendum and see.

Although the sovereginity of the land is Singapore's but it is not all that easy. The railway track land may be disputed and specially meant for KTMB but the tg Pagar land may not. It is for KTMB's purposes and can wee meant for business too as KTMB is a biz entity too.

The land acquisition act is something to look for because I have friends who lost valuable land in Singapore out of their failure (ignorance) to develop the land within a stipulated time. This is what KTMB might face but gievn to the right hands, this can be resolved and attended to satisfactorily.

As I say many times, either openly or thinly veiled, Najib has to come clean. He might be clean but he is not seen to be clean. Although there are serious efforts to potray Najib as "house cleaner", it does not mean that the cleaner is clean!

For the off-shore story, Mahathir may be partially at fault but it was Abdullah who erred.


You may be happy down south but spare a though on this - Malaysia is going on "charm offense" to potray that cutting subsidies is their last option. I would openly say that they govt should focussed on tackling corruption and clean up their own cabinet before embarking into subsidies. I would gladly live without subsidies if the government is cleaned and the cabinet members are performers (and not like the present half past six actors).

ahoo said...

Heard a S'porean friend mentioned that the KTM land was compensated long long ago. It was during the era of the " Diam " fellow as Finance mnister with consent of the Dr. In this case the full disclosure becomes a necessity not merely a request. The August house must protest until the cow comes home, ya!

nightcaller said...


The more so why it is necessary for the government to disclose the full detail. If MM is responsible, then bare him and if the Diam fellow is the culprit, expose it.

Hiding everything in the closet and throwing away the keys no longer works, not when we have able locksmiths in PR to unravel the mystery...

What you say is hearsay, let's prove whether it is right or wrong...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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