Sunday, May 02, 2010

Oil and Limbang...they owe us an explanation

I called on Mahathir, Abdullah and Najib to seek an audience and explain to the Sultans on what happen. Unless, this is truly the day when BN usurped the Sultans' powers and they can do what they please with Malaysia, as if Malaysia belongs to BN and not to Malaysians...

  1. Touch down and back on Malaysian ground! As Tom Jones summed it well in "The green green grass of home".
  2. Yes, we do have well informed taxi drivers who can converse on almost all subjects including Malaysian politics. This time around, my taxi driver is definitely not a fan of MIC as he hissed his dislikes towards Samy Vellu. He has his own opinion on almost all Malaysian politicians including Chua SL, Najib, Abdullah and even Mahathir.
  3. He make use of the almost 1 hour journey to present his views on the recently concluded P94 Hulu Selangor by-election. He make it a point to repeatedly emphasize that P94 election procedure is flawed offering his personal experience of having 8 of his friends denied their rights to vote in the election when they discovered that someone had voted using their names and the police (or is it the EC?) threathening them not to make an issue out of this. True or false? I would not know as this is the first time I met him and I conveniently did not jot down his particulars.
  4. I will leave P94 Hulu Selangor by election at that as there are attempts to force the EC to declare it null and void. To the winner, they will claim that this is the work of sore losers. To the loser, this is blantant misuse of power and influence. What you believe will rely on the information and proofs provided. Will it be like another "the truth is out there"? just like The X-file?
  5. Now, now - what is this about Abdullah and Murphy Oil? Murphy Oil Corporation (MOC) announced that the offshore exploration areas designated as Block L ad M is no longer a part of Malaysia following the exchage of letters between Malaysia and Brunei in March 2009. MOC, in their statement indicated that they were informed by Petronas about the situation in April 2010, almost a year after the exchange of letter. Call that Malaysian efficiency or is it inefficiency?
  6. As MOC has been jointly awarded to work on the blocks with Petronas since 2003, what will happen to those abortive works? Will MOC be compensated? If so, who will compensate MOC - Petronas, Malaysian government or Bunei government? But, that is not all. That is just the tip of the iceberg...
  7. Based on news extracted from Brunei Times datelined 23rd April 2010, it said that :-

    • Brunei sultanate retains the ownership of the 2 blocks under a deal made with the Government of Malaysia in 2009 when Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was the PM;
    • This has been sorted out last year and is nothing new;
    • Designated blocks L and M (Malaysia) is known as blocks J and K in Brunei;
    • Following the Exchange of Letters on 16th March 2009 between Malaysia and Brunei, the said offshores exploration areas are no longer part of Malaysia;
    • Brunei petroleum unit indicated that Brunei's block J (Malaysia's block L) was commissioned to MOC under Petronas whilst Brunei's block K (Malaysia's block M) was commissioned to Shell, Mitsubishi and ConocoPhillips consortium;

  8. Mahathir, meanwhile raised up the following issues in his posting :-

    • Malaysia's block L and M is claimed by Malaysia based on historical facts;
    • Abdullah Badawi negotiates for Limbang and in return surrenders the 2 blocks to Brunei;
    • No Petronas representatives were present during the negotiation, only foreign office staff and foreign affairs adviser to the PM were present during the negotiation;
    • Brunei disclaimed that they have agreed to give up Limbang;
    • Abdullah Ahmad Badawi caused Malaysia to lose RM 320B worth of Malaysian oil in the agreement;

  9. Malaysian Insider choose to highlight the issues with both Mahathir and Lim KS demanding Wisma Putra and Najib to explain the issue and situation. The same news portal runs another story on 2nd May 2010 outlining Petronas to run the disputed oil blocks with Brunei as :-

    • Petronas will develop the 2 blocks with Brunie on "commercial arrangement basis";
    • Abdullah said that the two blocks will be jointly developed by 2 countries for a period of 40 years;
    • Abdullah stressed that the agreement is not a loss to Malaysia;
    • Abdullah claimed that the cabinet approved the deal in February 2009

  10. Well, well well! I would like to know more. There are questions to be answered and let's list them out :-

    • Will MOC claim for opportunity cost? Will MOC be compensated? Who will pay the compensation?How much is the compensation?;
    • Abdullah claimed that Limbang is Malaysia's now whilst Brunei disclaimed Abdullah's statement. So which side is true? Did Brunei give up Limbang for the 2 oil blocks? Did Abdullah give up the 2 blocks for Limbang?;
    • If Limbang belongs to Malaysia now, where are the supporting documents? Will it be under Sarawak? Or will it be another Federal Territory? Will Limbang has a parliamentary seat? Or will it has some autonomy similar to Sarawak?;
    • What about the people in Limbang? Will they be given the choice of citizenship? If they are offered Malaysian citizenship, will they be regarded as Bumiputra?;
    • If the 2 blocks are given up to Brunei, what is the compensation to Sarawak? Are they not entitled to the oil royalty/compassionate fund? Who will compensate Sarawak? Will it be compensated by Brunei government to Sarawak or will it be paid to Malaysia's coffers?;
    • If Sarawak is not compensated, who give Abdullah the right to negotiate on Sarawak's behalf? Who consented Malaysian cabinet in enetring the negotiation?;
    • Were the sultanates informed of this negotiation? Were the Sultanates briefed on this development? Did the Sultans consented to this agreement?;
    • Was YDP Agung briefed on the matter? Did Abdullah presented this agreement to YDP Agung?;
    • Who ratify this agreement? Is there something in there for Abdullah? Ala Iraq's food-for-oil scheme? Is this a go-away present for Abdullah?
    • If Abdullah's claims are true, then why did the entire cabinet agree to this lop-sided agreement? On what basis did Najib and Muhyiddun agree to this agreement? And who is the foreign minister at the time - Rais Yatim?;
    • If this agreement is endorsed by the entire cabinet, then it is clear that the cabinet of the day did not place Malaysia's interest over theirs. Is this the cabinet that Malaysians voted in? Is this the best Malaysians can offer? Is this the best cabinet?
    • Yes, Petronas is invited to run the blocks on "commercial basis". But is it good enough? Petronas will not be running the blocks on Malaysia's terms and conditions but on Brunei's terms and conditions. Is that feasible and viable? Are we placing Petronas at Brunei's mercy?;

  11. Najib has to come forward and cleans this mess. Yes, agreed that Najib was not the PM in March 2009 but he knew that Abdullah days as PM is over and he should be advising Abdullah on what to do. Leaving sleepyhead to negotiate Block L & M with Limbang thrown in is not Abdullah's forte. Not when the whole world knows that he is such an easy snoozer. For all we know, he might be nodding in his sleep and Brunei took it as Abdullah's agreement!
  12. Only yesterday a friend told me how Malaysians once regarded BN as Robin Hoods and how these "Robin Hoods" transformed into "day light robbers". These "daylight robbers" are already caught selling sand to our southern neighbours to the tune of almost RM 590B per year!
  13. Are we facing another "daylight robbery" to the tune of RM 320B in these offshore exploration areas? Is this Najib's way to deflect the scorpene investigation? Is this BN's response to P94 Hulu Selangor voters complaints?
  14. Najib owe Malaysia explanation on what happen to Malaysia's block L & M. Abdullah owe Malaysians explanation on how we lost the oil exploration blocks and the Limbang deal. Mahathir owe us explanation why he give us Abdullah Ahmad Badawi!
  15. The way things are going, BN has a lot of explanation to do. BN just could not bulldoze their way around anymore nor clean the dirt under the carpet. That is not the solution! BN must come clean on Limbang and the sand theft. If BN is responsible, then BN should bear all on what transpired in the Limbang deal.
  16. BN just can't survive on excuses alone. UMNO, as BN's backbone should be responsible for the action of its leaders. Shifting the blame or new leaders begging for a second chance to make things right is no longer acceptable. Before, Abdullah begged Malaysia to give him a chance after Mahathir left the political scene. Now, Najib is doing the same thing, asking Malaysia to give him a chance to realise his dreams.

    BN and for that matter UMNO, please stop taking Malaysians for granted. Enough is enough. Either BN and UMNO comes clean on Limbang issue or forever Limbang deal will be tied to UMNO (and BN's) attics, making fools of Malaysians with their leaders' vested interest. No wonder, one Professor from Malaysia's top University said that we need to change the government now for a better Malaysia!

  17. I called on Mahathir, Abdullah and Najib to seek an audience and explain to the Sultans on what happen. Unless, this is truly the day when BN usurped the Sultans' powers and they can do what they please with Malaysia, as if Malaysia belongs to BN and not to Malaysians...
  18. Let's widen the scope and call on Chua SL, Samy Vellu, Koh TK, Kayveas, Taib Mahmud and the rest of BN component parties to demand an explanation from Abdullah and Najib. This RM 320B opportunity loss and Limbang deal getting undone is another slap to Malaysia's face. We have lost Pulau Batu Putih through Malaysia's weak foreign minister and now we are losing block L & M through sleepyhead Abdullah. What are we going to lose next? Our pants?
  19. By the way, does BN youth head has something to say on this? Or will he keep quiet as the blunder comes from his FIL? I see that BN will pooh-pooh the issue and act as if nothing happen.

    I am sure this time, the block L & M together with Limbang deal will take centre stage in Sibu by-election. Couple that with NCR issue, Bakun dam, BN has a lot of explaining to do. It will not be surprising if BN wins P 212 by-election but at what cost? Will Malaysians be led by their noses by BN and UMNO?

  20. So many things needs answers, Let's start with block L & M together with Sibu. Can UMNO do that? Will UMNO do that? Can BN explain the rationale? Will Najib and his cabinet take full responsibilities? Or will they, as usual, pass the bucks around? If they do, who will be their scapegoat, this time? Abdullah, perhaps?...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

On this particular issue, I am pretty puzzled why Malaysia need to br frightened over Brunei. If you remember about Pedra Branca issue, Singapore won the issue over the fact that Singapore has been administering the Island from Day One. Heck, Malaysia won Sipadan & Ligatan because of that....
I thought Malaysian Armed Forces would be singing....Inilah Barisan Kita.....

Of course, I heard from my Singapore friends who kenna training there for survival course....Hehehe, Singaporeans especially the non melayus there being taught how to skin animal for food. According to my Singaporean friends, Bruneian forces are tough nut to cracks....

Is Malaysia frightened of Brunei or......Singapura? Singapore sent Battalions there for training.....Of course, Singapore also sent forces to Thailand (Southern), Taiwan (Starlight Project), Australia & USA.....Is Malaysia frightened that there might be huge number of Singapore planes ready to defend Brunei when Limbang issue not met?

Ok laaa.....I am speculating laaa......Singapore won't be that agressive laaa....Malaysia would protest when they saw Singapore fighters there....See a small island of 650 sq km, having the same if not more squadron of warplanes not so good.....
However, one can't deny the fact.....It's a known fact that Brunei financial purse is handled none other than LKY himself....Indirectly of course....I just wonder Mahathir is trying so hard of denying Singapore or its GLC a stack in Malaysia.....Isn't it a Mahathir that USB 100 Billion was handed just like that to Brunei? And the Singapore government is managing it....Indirectly.....Malulah Mahathir.....Ini semua Mahathir punya pasal.....Bukan Abdullah & Najib hmmm.....nothing much to say....

At this rate, soon, we might be singing Majulah Malaysia......Hey, it's a nice song....Lirik bagus...Zubir Said memang bagus punya

Anonymous said...

Ooooh by the way, Malaysian government modelled after the British.....If you watch Yes Prime Minister, the foreign office doesn't care much about dignity......
Something is wrong here....Why till now we have issue on Limbang? And if this is the solution for Limbang? What happen to Philipines claim over Sabah? 10 blocks to be given to the Philipines so that they can drop the claim on Sabah....Thank God that the Philipines has the weakest army in South East Asia.....
What about the Thais? See, I told Rocky Bru....Don't mess with the Thai especially the Porntip issue.....What if with Rocky's statement, Thai decided to do a "wag the dog" session.....Sorry, it's a seperate story but my point is in this era of globalisation, there is no way that one can live in a caccon.....
Today, Rocky Bru can make fun of Porntip, tommorrow, The Thais would have a "frying session" on Rocky Bru.......Perhaps, Rocky Bru should be made aware of Thai security forces up north have the habits of crossing over the porous Malaysia borders....Capturing some Malaysia security men.....Last heard, they ain't friendly.....And the Padang Besar area

nightcaller said...


My,my and they say that Malaysian commandos ranked high in the world! They used to say that Malaysians have snake blood for morning juice...

There were no reports of aggression in Limbang so I do not see any reason for Malaysians to be afraid of anyone...including Singapore.

Even if Brunei's financial purse is handled by LKY, nothing to worry as Malaysia's purse is handled by APCO...heh heh.

Singing Majulah Malaysia is nothing if after maju...we falls off the cliff, then it will be Terjunlah...:(

British again? Not when Gordon Brown is on the losing end and Britain may have a new PM in the coming weeks!

What is more important is what really happen in March 2009? Did Abdullah surrender the 2 blocks for Limbang or didn't he? Why were there no official statement from both side? Malaysia is willing to go to the world courts for Pulau Batu Putih and Sabah but why are Malaysia not that willing to re-visit the world court for Limbang?

Rocky Bru? Do you notice how he pounced on Abdullah on the oil and Limbang case? The way I see it, Rocky is highly critical of Abdullah Badawi but heavily friendly with najib. I wonder why?

As for the Thais, nothing to be concern of. We have so many men surrendering to Thai beauties, so what else is new there? A few more men caught up by the security forces will not affect much on the electoral rolls.

Btw, have u registered as a voter???

Anonymous said...

I got to admit I am over exaggerating about the presence of Singapore troops in Brunei soil. Singapore's foreign policy has always been absolutely neutral. However, you can't discount the very strong releationship between Sultan Hassan Bolkiah & Singapore government.
I can't deny the fact that Malaysian commandos are top of the class. However, in times of mobilisation, hehehe.....Though hearing plenty of stories of Singaporeans feigning illness to avoid National Service, all Singaporeans including PRs must turn for 2 - 4 weeks services for the next 13 years. Normally before reporting for duties, need to go for physical test....They called IPPT....Don't know what the hell it stands for.....One can see some Singaporeans running around in order to keep fit for yearly exrecise/test......And it's for most Singaporeans as well as Permanent Residents....Hmmmm.....Mean something....

UK is gonna have a hung parliament. Aiyaa the problem of Pass the Post System......See the problem as follows:

1) Gordon Brown not so lembik as John Major

2) James Cameron not so charismatic like Tony Blair

3) Nick Clegg outshine both of them in terms of charisma

I am happy to say that I have been a 2 time voter since 2004. I could have voted in 1999.....Hmm....Miss the boat on registration. The fact that I know so much about Tony Blair because it was in UK or rather Guildford, Surrey that I voted the first time.
Hehe, I was given 2 ballot papers. One for town council & the other one for MP. My daddy has been telling me.....Tony Blair is winning, Tony Blair is winning......Tony Blair is a breath of fresh air as compared to John Major. However, John Major is pretty much down to earth person...But like what I say before John Major to Margaret Thatcher is like Abdullah to Mahathir.....Tony Blair macam Anwar ataupun Zaid.....Ok, ok, Zaid is more upright

My apologies for being carried away but I got to say this because at that time, Tony Blair is introducing "New Labour, Cool Britainia". Labour is unstoppable....The Tories was so damned desperate that they resorted to character assasination
Newspapers splashed with Tony eyes covered with satanic features....Sound similar with pictures of Zaid carrying the whiskey botol....I told my friend....Oh shit! Tony & "New Labour" is definitely marching towards 10, Downing Street with these advertisement. The Mat Salleh nodded in agreement
Meanwhile Liberal Democrats are favourite among students. They campaigned for abolishment of tuition fee for International Students....The first time seeing Mat Sallehs especially gadis2 cantik approaching us.....Vote for Liberal Democrat....No need to pay tuition fee.....Hehehe
Apa2 macam janji2 pun keluar hahaha.....I think Hisham Rais can feel it too....Of course, I thought saying since we, commonwealth students got voting rights.....Give us the privileges to work in UK/Europe just like the EU people....Come on......We are your legacy maa....hehehe....

The ballot Paper can be very memorable one. No serial number.....I can remember 3 symbols......

1) Conservatives/Tories - The Torch (now already changed)

2) Labour (The Rose)

3) Liberal Democrat (The Dove)

Labour won but Guildford was still under the Tories till 2011. By then, I was back in Singapore.

Don't you think it's superbly interesting.....Hisham Rais would tell you so....Well, voting in UK is my first voting exercise.....In Malaysia, I start to vote in 2004....Sometimes, I don't understand why need to register.....It should be automatic.....

OK, next posting would be solely on Limbang.....

Anonymous said...

What does the British Army in WWI & US Army in Vietnam War have in common? The soldiers' bravery but yet led by half past six leaders......
Ze Germans joked about the british that

"'Nowhere have I seen such Lions led by such Lambs"

Well, in WWII, Ze Germans led by a saergeant named, Adolf Hitler.....

Lions for Lambs is a great show. Watch it.
Back to Limbang, my observation as follows:

1) The Biggest culprit seems to be Mahathir himself. Don't forget, Mahathir was holding on to Petronas. Mahathir is no silly old Baffer. Otherwise, at closer look, if that's true, that's ze most biggest blunder Mahathir ever make

2) Seriously, I felt that Limbang issue is a smokescreen. Just now I joke about Malaysia afraid of Sing---beep---bruneian. But then, with all the king's men & horses, Malaysia has secured a victory over Sipadan/Ligitan.....Based on what....On the fact that Malaysia has been administering those islands all this while.

I found it absolutely stupid if Malaysia risked offending China by not attending the apanama summit over the Pulau Layang2 & fought tooth & nail over the small but strategic Pedra Branca.....This issue really puzzling me....
Seriously speaking, Limbang question is a smokescreen....I am beginning to see some sinister plan behind.....Use your otak & think....

1) Why Malaysia government wanting to batalkan the subsidi including the oil

2) Why Malaysia government wanna impose GST?

Think along the line of questions with the mantra of


It comes to few conclusions:

1) Najib/BN is building up war chest for GE13 but no money. How? Ah got it, I have 2 blocks there, find one prospector & even if sovereign rights given away with Malaysian army (Inilah Barisan Kita), we can put a hold on the Brunei over the 2 blocks.....With that, we can have more money.....

And if you carry with that line of thought....Scary man.....I believe Anwar would be accessing this situation very carefully using this as an opportunity to shame BN
It's the missing file in Singapore's government's toilet that brought down PAP's predecessor government....
And also this is also the payback time by Badawi to Mahathir/Najib/UMNO.....Badawi might have a sleepy head....He's no stupid

nightcaller said...


Nice walkabout on British voting system. It's a shame that Malaysia could not implement the voting system ala USA where they rely more on computerisation. But, the main problem will be - how independent will it be, if we were to take Hulu Selangor and claims made by opposition parties on masive voting fraud.

Maybe Malaysia can learn a thing or two with British hung parliament.

The urban Malaysians are ready for the likes of Zaid whilst the rural Malaysians are more comfortable with the strong rhetorics of Ibrahim Ali. Najib is using Ibrahim to captivate the rural folks and at the same time use his 1M concept to tie the urbanites. That won't last long..


Yes, it all boils down to economics. Muhyiddin and gang is using the sand to build their war chest in upcoming UMNO elections. Najib, on the other hand needs to pay off Abdullah's early retirement scheme. What better place to do that if not using Petronas as the tool. Najib knows there is no love lost between Abdullah and Mahathir. So, Najib is using Mahathir to finish off Abdullah and in the same time "take over" the 2 oil blocks payment as his financial shield against possible Muhyiddin's assault.

Do you realise that Muhyiddin is "suddenly" hospitalised? Is there something here? His PA says that Muhyiddin will be back next week, but when? Will it be after Sibu nomination or before? If Muhyiddin choose to return after the nomination day, who will lead BN's candidate in Sibu?

As for Brunei, they used to whisper that Tg Razaleigh is also one of the Sultan's financial handlers. Combine him with LKY, and Malaysia has no response to the duo.

I understand that Tg Razaleigh is working behind the scenes to get Kelantan, Terengganu, Sabah and Sarawak to form a "cartel" to demand their oil royalty. If that happen, Najib will be in more trouble than he could ever dream of...

Looking outside the Limbang issue, what is it for Najib when he declared that Malaysia ceased to supply gasoline to Iran. Is there any payment made to "pursuade" Najib to make that decision and abandon Iran? Will the money be used for GE 13's political war chest? Talking about political war chest, Najib's sibblings are doing fine handling the finance including the much-talked about synergy of sime-guthrie etc.

But will all the monies combine be able to thwart the peoples aspiration for a better Malaysia? The answer will be known in GE 13...

Anonymous said...

One got to admit no electoral system is perfect. Not in the USA. Remember the Florida voting issue during the George Bush first presidential election. Al Gore would have won based on popular votes but because of the electoral system & some issues with Voting Cards (Dimples, half poke etc). Al Gore lost. Al Gore was furious, called for a recount in Florida. The problem with US is that the officials including electoral officials are pretty partisans.....Al Gore was made to look like a sore loser....The rest is history.....By the way, come to think of it after 1 more year, I would choose McCain...hehehe.....

Malaysia did have a hung parliament....Selangor, Perak (even now is a hung parliament) but the key is respecting it.....BN does not seem to respect the electoral system. Sometimes, leftist folks adhere to strict principles. Barisan Sosialis & other factions didn't gun down the PAP when PAP only had 25 out of 51.....For 1 month only laa....

Well, I agree that it's the War Chest....Just like Hitler is advancing on Operation Babarossa, Hitler saw oil field on the south west of Russia....Russia Caucus.....His troops got delayed in capturing the Man Josef Stalin....After capturing the oilfield while advancing towards Moscow, Winter came......
That's the key of defeating the foe bernama Barisan Nasional

nightcaller said...


Europe has winters, so I guess we should wait for monsoon and divine intervention.

PAP survived due to strong character and Brutus absence. Perak proved otherwise and Brutus was fairly awarded with Datukship and what nots. As for Selangor, its a dicey call. More like walking through the ledge, one false step and....down u go!

BN's war chest is fully laden...but too porous. By the time it reach the masses, the goodies were gone and what's left were the crumbs. Before, this is not a decisive factor, now they took the goodies but avoid the hooks - and if the numbers are right, we are looking at a historic change in Malaysia...after 5 decades!

Anonymous said...

PAP survived because of its strong character exhibited by its leader & his ability of choosing the right people to lead the team.
I have never considered populist leaders such as Lee Siow Choh & Ong Eng Guan as Brutuses but they did leave the lurch when PAP needs them. What PAP has gone through is far worst than PKR now

1) Ong Eng Guan left with 3 MPs to form UPP

2) Lee Siow Choh left with 13 MPs to form Barisan Sosialis

3) Some even left & team up with Singapore Alliance that includes UMNO

Singapore situation then is far more dicey than PKR. One never know the next minute, some party members can just grab the whole branches & lompat. The only difference is they have done because their ideals not similar than LKY's gang. Noble unlike Salehuddin with PKR
Hence I susgested Anwar read Men in White....Better still engage LKY as consultant. Lagi better than engaging APCO by Najib.

Now we have this 2 Oil block to manipulate....Make full use of it....Sunk the bugger.....
Hitler would have won if Battle of the Bulge pulled through....If only we have more General Patton, Eisenhower, Montgomery & Zhukov

nightcaller said...


Let's see whether Kedah PKR is as resilient as PAP or not. One more defection and the MB is going to go for snap polls!

If Kedah goes for snap polls, it will be hell breaking loose with BN using their best resources and guns to shoot down PR whilst PR will use that as a barometer for GE 13. Both sides can't afford to lose.

As for the 2 oil blocks, let's see how Najib wriggles himself out when Yong TL has already openly questioning on the ex-PM' sidestepping the state acknowledgement and approval. That is why as I call it correctly, BN is bulldozing their way through with total disregards to the legislation, the people and the Sultans. And they claim that UMNO/BN is upholding the Sultan's powers and standings...

We might not have the likes of General Patton, Eisenhower, Montgomery & Zhukov...will Lt Adnan be ok? If not, we can always call on P Ramlee's Sarjan Hassan :)