Sunday, May 23, 2010

Of PETAH : Quantity ups Quality...

PETAH stands for Pesta Intelek dan Hujah scheduled to be held in PWTC from 27th May to 1st June 2010. What I don't understand, the chose tagline is 'Malaysia's largest youth festival is back".

On this matter, let's go kopi tiam talk ...errrr sembang kedai kopi. Kopitiam is too vogue and chic for me...:)

Now, now...what's intellect and discourse got to do with "Malaysia's largest youth festival is back"? If PETAH wants "Malaysia's largest youth festival, all they need to do is to hold free concerts - ala Merdeka celebration. How do you beat that? If PETAH wants to project itself as a champion for platform to Malaysia's youth intellect and discourse, then where were PETAH when SMM held a media conference in relation the the case of four UKM students hauled up for alledged campaigning during the recently concluded Hulu Selangor by-election?

Are Malaysians still trapped with the glory of "creating records"? This time for a marathon debat 111 jam in PWTC. Since this is sembang kedai kopi approach, then tell me, dear Organisers - If you failed to step out in defense of the 4 UKM students hauled up for discipinary actions, then how can you assure that no actions will be taken to any tertiary students who might want to present their views? Why tertiary students? Simple - the organiser mentioned intellect thus the first thing that crossed my mind are tertiary students. Do you expect the regular Mat Rempits to grace the podiums in PWTC?

Talking about tertiary students, I will say that PETAH choose wrong timing. Not when U and college students are on leave whilst some colleges are busy with their new students orientation week programme. With tertiary and college students back in their hometown, the 111 hour debate will depends on UMNO cadres. Is this the real intention? As this writer understands it, UMNO has programmes to train their cadres to tackle the masses and one of the tasks is presentation which in this case is oratory skill. Is this a graduation of sorts for these new UMNO cadres?

PETAH calls it debat 111 jam. Sure or not? I am looking at debate as debate, like those in schools and colleges. If that is so, what are the title of the debates? Who are the moderators? Or debat 111 jam is actually discourses? Or will it be filled by "chartered college students" who have to make time to fill the halls of PWTC, complete with F & B?

If PETAH is sincere about its programme, may I suggest a few things for their consideration :-

  1. PETAH to get a blanket approval from the Minister of Higher Education, the police and all relevant authorities will not take action on any adverse comments, if any, from the speakers;
  2. PETAH to use the festival to invite EPIC and other organisation to put up their booth and register new voters;
  3. PETAH to ensure that "graveyard" visitors are guaranteed of their safety. They are our youths, Malaysia's future and how PETAH worked on on their security details to reached PWTC safely and also safely returned home;
  4. PETAH should also expand the acceptable language for the debate. Why only Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin and English? Why not accept Tamil, Jawa too? This writer is sure there are many Tamil speaking orators who would love to hog the spotlight and prsent their case;
  5. PETAH should not be going for air-time record. There is nothing to be proud of. Instead, PETAH should be working on quality of discourse towards thinking Malaysians;
Why need to do it in PWTC? The organiser must have deep pockets to hold it in PWTC and going for the marathon 111 hour debate calls for high overheads and big electricity bill. And what do we get out of it? Another record? Another "Azeez" going for the billboard? Someone who is willing to take over Putra UMNO now that the undisputed leader has been exposed as a 10 % man?

Think about it - do you want to attend a non-stop 111 hour debate? Me? I will be in dreamland by the 12th hour tops...This person would rather go for quality discourses and topics than going through the junkmills of the usual rojak...What about you?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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